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Face Fingerprint RFID card time attendance machine

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Face+Fingerprint+RFID card, time attendance machine only sells $100, do you believe it’s true? Yes, Huifan tech now has one model FR602 is on promotion. Details pls refer below: 
1 Independent facial algorithm, high speed and stability
2 Capacity: 1000 faces and 5000 fingerprints, record capacity of 300000.
3 3d recognition, dual LED lamp combination camera.
4 The ARM (Quad - core architecture TM- A7) processor.
5 Support the T9 input method, can direct input on attendance machine employee information such as name, department.
6 Can realize work reminds, voice prompt to work, go off work, late, leave early information.
7 Multiple languages support
8 Back battery and WIFI are optional
 This promotion will only last for one month, till Oct, 30th, 2016, so please don’t wait, grasp your mouse and place orders. Opportunity once lost, never comes back.
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