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Author: huifan   Time: 2020-12-16

From the invention of mobile phones to artificial intelligence technology, intelligent recognition technology has come a long way.. The fact that we all need to accept is that we have adjusted our technology with open arms to ease the task at hand.
Hollywood sci-fi movies have attracted us, and then there is a real wave of machine learning, which spreads across all countries every day.
With years of technological development, a new system has emerged under the cover of AI: facial recognition. Facial recognition takes identity recognition to a whole new level, and all major entities are using the solution as a security measure.
Face recognition is a biometric solution designed to recognize faces without any physical contact. The solution works by matching the human face node with the ../images stored in the database.
Using facial recognition can enhance the security of any organization or key location. The versatility of facial recognition makes it the first choice for enhanced security.
The working principle of face recognition:
Unlike any other recognition solution, face recognition can recognize the unique characteristics of a human face and compare it based on an existing photo database. The sensor detects and recognizes the shape of the face through the color of the iris, the shape of the nose, etc. Recognizing a human face includes focusing on certain unique features, such as jaw, cheeks, facial shape, etc. Once the image in the database matches the face of the relevant person, the face can be verified.
The non-contact function of the solution makes it easier to identify and verify a person's identity, and involves less processing than any other identification system.
RA08T HFSecurity Face Recognition with4G function
Facial biometric system for security:
The facial biometric system has been used as a security measure in the most senior institutions and workplaces to ensure that there is no vandalism. This kind of software has absolutely no room for human error and is the main helper. With only a set of algorithms, the software can complete geometric and photometric recognition in a few seconds.
This facial biometric recognition system has become the master of all recognition software because of its easy application and low-cost technology. Its non-contact nature is the best thing, because a person can be recognized even in a crowded place through facial recognition, because his image has been saved in the database.
Facial recognition makes access to information more restricted and limited to those who own the information.
Facial recognition makes verification relatively easy, does not require much equipment, and can access a lot of information within a few minutes.
RA08T Face Recognition with HDMI Function
Face recognition solutions have always been a major part of the security field. The reasons are as follows:
Criminal identification:
The authorities can breathe a sigh of relief through the facial recognition system. Its database contains all the information about criminals, making it easier to catch them. If the sensor recognizes the face through the algorithm, and the face matches, it will be a win-win! Face recognition software can even prevent crime before it happens.
When someone is watching you, crime will not happen. Facial recognition can track everyone in crowded places. Since CCTV surveillance cameras are installed in crowded places, the crime rate is much lower.
Police agency:
The police department has a facial recognition system that can track past criminal records and wanted people. When the database matches a person's face, it is easier to catch criminals through simple algorithms. If the system shows a face match, it will alert the police.
Track attendance:
In recent years, junior high schools, high schools and universities have begun to use facial recognition technology to track the attendance of students. This tracking status can query malicious people for any malicious activities in public and private places.
Defense services:
Due to the degree of sensitivity involved, the defense department uses facial recognition. Since only a few people can hide some confidential information through facial recognition, only they can access it.
Banking services
The bank uses this artificial intelligence product as a security measure to detect any undetected suspects. Basically, the artificial intelligence technology used by banks is to avoid bank fraud.
online payment
Security also includes secure online payment. Since each face is unique, like a fingerprint, your payment will not be hacked, because once your face matches, you will be paid.
Airport service
In many countries/regions, airports use this artificial intelligence system to recognize passengers’ faces, so there is no suspicious risk involved. Through facial recognition, the information obtained is true, avoiding any possibility of error.
Flexible and powerful
RA08T Face recognition device
Facial biometrics
Face recognition/face biometric technology has a wide range of applications; for example, using a tablet, smartphone or computer’s built-in camera, facial recognition software can replace passwords used for device and user account access. In law enforcement, the technology can help identify criminal suspects, while in border control deployments, it can be used to simplify security operations. Another popular application of facial recognition systems is access control for high-value sites. In the commercial sector, marketers and retailers are adopting this technology as a means of collecting important demographic data.
In conclusion
To be sure, technology has gradually matured due to its availability and is gradually integrating into people's lives and making their lives easier. From invention to accessibility, artificial intelligence not only exists here, but is also developing and conquering.
Frequently asked questions:
Question: What is facial recognition/face biometrics?
A: When we talk about facial recognition, we are actually talking about two different applications: basic and advanced.
Basic facial recognition You will see this technology in photo editing software.
Advanced facial recognition function Our unique face includes the following main features: the width of the nose, the width of the eyes, the depth of the chin, the height of the ek bone and the distance between the eyes. Facial recognition software converts your functions into digital codes.
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