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Ever AI enhances facial recognition platform with liveness detection, emotion identification

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-03

Facial recognition platform provider Ever AI has added liveness detection and support for enhanced age, gender, emotion, and ethnicity detection to its product suite, according to a company announcement.
The company says it is the first U.S.-based facial recognition provider to offer liveness detection, and that its software is the most accurate on the market.
“As face recognition technology becomes more mainstream, so too is the need to improve accuracy and privacy in order to protect against nefarious actors looking to leverage such software to execute attacks,” said Charlie Rice, CTO of Ever AI. “By extending our offering to include enterprise-ready liveness detection, we can now protect against sophisticated spoofing techniques, including static paper and digital screen-based attacks. For the first time, enterprises can now create frictionless experiences for their users without sacrificing security or accuracy.”
The age detection feature estimates an age range for an individual based on the captured facial image, while the emotion detection feature reads faces for happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and other emotions, according to the announcement.
Ever AI has trained its system on a consumer data set of over 13 billion photos and videos, and its patent-pending technology collects and integrates tagged data into enterprise-ready models, available as self-hosted APIs or SDKs for iOS and Android. The company’s technology is used by SoftBank Robotics for its Pepper humanoid robot.
Doug Aley, CEO of Ever AI, is speaking at this week’s Collision Conference as part of a panel on “(f)acing up to advanced robotic capabilities.” In September, Ever AI raised $16 million in Series B funding.