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Ethiopias biometric national ID project Process

Author: huifan   Time: 2023-02-06

The Ethiopian government is implementing the National Identity NID program, which focuses on the implementation of a digital identity system for the country that meets international standards and best practices, including the principles of sustainable development identity.
The project is led by the Office of the National Identification Program (NIDP) and is a five-year project starting in 2021 and ending in 2023.
The NID aims to introduce a new national basic digital ID card for the country that will gradually replace the traditional locally managed paper card (Kebele Id), provide an inclusive, residence-based digital identity system, and ultimately support Ethiopia's digital transformation agenda.
The NID agenda will be implemented in different phases
The NIDP aims to recruit 70 million residents during this period, while providing digital authentication for public, private, financial and social service providers in Ethiopia. In line with the African Union Digital Agenda 2030, NIDP aspires to interoperate with other continental identification programs in the medium term
NID Process
Where can I get a digital ID?
  • The NIDP has been registered on a pilot basis in the government and non-government sectors and will continue to be registered in various sectors
  • Financial sector: Banks, including PSNP and other financial sectors
  •  Research sector: Universities
  •  Telecommunications: Ethio-Telecom, Safaricom
  •  Civil Service: Addis Ababa City Hall, Document Audit Registration, Registration of Important Events, the Ministry of Transport, etc.
  •  Eligible applicants can visit the National ID Headquarters on the third floor of the Four Kilo Hilco Building, located next to the Abrehot National Library near General Wingate St.
Registration Process

To obtain a digital identification number, please meet the following requirements

  • Eligible registrants: Who is eligible to receive a digital ID number?
 1. Any registrant over the legal age limit is entitled to register and receive a Digital ID.
 In addition, non-resident citizens of Ethiopia can register by providing legal documentation proving their identity/residency
 2. Minors can register with an accompanying parent or legal guardian.
  •  Visit your nearest registration office: Once you are eligible, you can visit your nearest National ID registration office.
 Beginning November 24, 2022, please visit our temporary registration center in Millennium Hall.
  •  Signing the Consent Form Eligible registrants must complete and sign a consent form indicating their willingness to provide their demographic and biometric information.
  1. Verify Identity Eligible registrants will need to verify their identity by providing legal identification documents, such as a Kebele ID, passport, birth certificate, driver's license, etc
  •  Demographic Information Collection: In this process, the minimum demographic information characteristics that are most important for uniquely identifying subscribers are collected.
  •  Biometric data collection: Standard biometric data is collected using three biometric capture tools 
  •  Fingerprints (4-4-2 fingers) eyelid prints (both eyes) and facial photographs
  •  Obtain FAYDA number (unique identification number) Upon successful registration, subscribers will receive a printed confirmation of their registration and will then be issued a unique identification number FAYDA number. Subscribers will receive a FAYDA (unique identification number) via SMS.

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