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Epson and Redrock Biometrics partner for palm print authentication on AR headset

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-10

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Redrock Biometrics’ PalmID uses the Epson MOVERIO BT-300’s front facing camera to unlock the device. Redrock’s website says the process works from a distance of 15 cm or more, and takes 10-100 milliseconds. MOVERIO developers can also use the PalmID SDK to build features such as secure sign in and in-app purchases into applications.
“Epson collaborated with Redrock Biometrics to create an even more attractive platform for developers to build new games and applications,” said Leon Laroue, technical product manager at Epson America. “The ability to use biometric authentication opens the door to increased interactivity without disrupting the AR experience.”
Biometric authentication provides new revenue opportunities for developers, and an improved user experience for consumers, according to the announcement.
“When using augmented or virtual reality headsets the face and eyes are covered and therefore not available for authentication. Fingerprint scanners require additional hardware built into the headset and blindly swiping, making them inconvenient and error prone. Palm-based biometrics provides the ideal combination of security and user experience for these devices,” said Hua Yang, co-founder and CEO of Redrock Biometrics. “Epson has been a pioneer in AR, continuously pushing the industry forward. The PalmID SDK is another big step in bringing hands-free AR experiences to the masses.”
PalmID is expected to be available for free download from the MOVERIO Apps Market within days.
AR applications requiring access to large amounts of data were recently identified as an emerging cybersecurity risk by NIST.