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Dublin Airport Looking to Increase Use of Its CCTV Cameras

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-09-27

May 8, 2017 - 

In an effort to help improve security and safety, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is looking to increase use of its CCTV cameras to monitor passengers in real time, according to a report by

cctv camera

The DAA is on an information-gathering exercise regarding CCTV video analytics technology to transform its network of cameras from an “image capture” system to an “intelligent and effective detection and alert” system.

The DAA is currently inviting companies to suggest possible applications for 1,400 cameras at Dublin Airport and 330 in Cork Airport.

“It’s an approach to market. We’re asking the industry to come and talk to us,” explained a DDA spokesperson. “We have significant systems, and if we decided to take the next step (and install the technology), we would go to the market. We’re seeing what technologies are available, and are interested in talking to companies who might be operating in other airports.”

Some of the advantages of video analytics technology include the ability to manage CCTV in real time and use facial recognition technology and computer algorithms to track specific passengers.