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Dual select

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

To join the company has been a month. We are always training for a month. I learn a lot of knowledge from the company in products and foreign trade.
Foreign trade is a wonderful industry. There is fulled of challenge in the field. If want to independently live in the field, I must to try my best to work and study. Otherwise obsoleted.
After a mouth, I took part in the furious dual select at afternoon yesterday. There is filled with the hfteco competitive power. Everyone is rarely excellent,and resource is very rich.
In the Middle East, there are a lot of old customers, so continuing cooperation is relatively fast,Meantime, the group is small in the Middle East,But It have abundant resources.
In terms of Asian group, there are a lot of old customers. The company will mainly develop the areas. There are filled with abundant resources. In terms of the African group, the regional market is quite big, rich in resources, If a new staff come the group, the couple will give 50 old customers, which is very biometric fingerprint door lock attractive.
Due to the European and American group do not recruit the new staff. Because their market have saturated in the European and American
Next, our new staff began to play and introduce myself. Everyone try their best to show themselves. All new staffs is very excellent.
Finally, two new staffs take part in the Middle East and the African group.other new staff do not sure now. The company make a dual select next week.
Looking forward to joining a nice group.

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