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Do you know the iterative process of time attendance device?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-05

Time Attendance, as the name implies, is to check the attendance, but also to obtain the attendance of students, employees or certain groups and individuals in a specific place and within a certain period of time, including commuting, being late, leaving early, sick leave , Wedding leave, funeral leave, public holidays, working hours, overtime, etc. Through the study of the previous stage and attendance in this stage, the overall planning and arrangement of the later stage will be carried out.
Time Attendance is to maintain the normal working order of the enterprise, improve work efficiency, take corporate discipline seriously, and enable employees to consciously abide by working hours and labor discipline. The definition of the former is to be able to position attendance rigorously and clearly, so that it can become a strict regulation, and a system of standards to measure attendance, otherwise attendance will be nothing.
Time Attendance Book
Early attendance usually used pens to sign names in the record book. Due to the phenomenon of substitution, biometrics and access control cards were usually used for attendance. Some companies have company-independent ERP office systems, and they also have attendance management systems. More convenient and stricter than fingerprint attendance.
Time Attendance development
project Manual Statistical Attendance Punch machine (card clock) Magnetic card, IC card, laser bar code card non-contact induction card attendance system Fingerprint Time Attendance System Mobile attendance
medium Paper Disposable paper card,need to buy often High card costs, easy damage and loss of cards, easy loss of magnetic stripe or IC card, data reading is affected by the environment Fingerprints are different for everyone, and they will remain the same for life. Personal phone or computer
Terminal Frequent failure after one year of use, frequent replacement Easy to lose attendance data and easy to damage Data cannot be read when the magnetic card is slightly scratched The fingerprint glass fiberglass products are not easy to be damaged, and the invariance of the fingerprint can be used in harsh environments. Computer or mobile
Employee attendance Presence management YeS Yes No No
Consumables Paper Statistics Sheet paper card IC card, bar code card No attendance loss No
Computer networking No No OK but not in time Can and timely transfer Yes
Automatic statistics No No Yes Yes Yes
Confirmation method Manual recording Paper card record Magnetic card, IC card My fingerprint Multi-dimensional (face recognition, precise positioning, QR code)
HR management No No Yes Yes Yes
Record reading Manual statistics, time consuming and laborious Manually record paper card attendance data, which is time-consuming and laborious Data reading is often wrong, and the stability is poor Accurate recording with few errors Accurate recording with few errors
Equipment advantages and disadvantages
Low manual statistical efficiency
Increased corporate management costs;
Human Relationship Management
Paper card single use
Waste is not environmentally friendly
Increased corporate management costs;
Swap card generation is serious
Carrying cards, trouble
Short card life
High cost of hardware equipment
easy to use
Easy management
Computer storage data
High security
Hardware consumption
Intelligent operation
Computer storage data
Network data analysis
No hardware consumption
Time Attendance has existed since ancient times. Attendance methods have developed from manual sign-in to punch card machine, magnetic card punch card, fingerprint punch card. Now mobile attendance has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Access control attendance system
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Access control and attendance system-automatic entrance and exit control system, which has various functions such as personnel entry and exit, authorization, query, statistics and burglar alarm security. It can also be used as personnel management, attendance management, and can be linked with any electromechanical equipment products and control system. It is not only convenient for internal personnel or users to enter and exit freely, but also forbidding outsiders to enter and exit at will, and improving security and defense capabilities.
The access control time and attendance system can be divided into two types: multi-door networked access control system and single-door stand-alone access control system according to the connection method; according to the data reading method, it can be divided into induction type, password type, induction + password type; credit card type, credit card + induction type, Swipe + password; fingerprint, fingerprint + password (online and offline) and other methods.
Facial recognition time attendance system
china facial recognition time attendance system
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