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Do you know some of the 8 mainstream biometric technologies?

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-04-21

Biometric technology is a kind of identification technology, which relies on the physical characteristics of the human body for identity verification. It has the characteristics of not losing, not forgetting, unique, unchanged, good anti-counterfeiting performance, easy to use, etc. It is widely used in access control, time and attendance, finance, public safety and terminal electronic equipment.
1. Fingerprint recognition
Fingerprint Recognition China Supplier
At present, the most widely used identification method is mainly to analyze the overall and local characteristics of fingerprints, such as ridges, valleys, end points, bifurcation points or divergence points, and then verify the identity of a person through comparison.
At the same time, capacitive technology is currently the most commonly used fingerprint collection technology. The chip can pass the test to obtain complete fingerprint information by tolerating the capacitance generated by pressing the ridges and valleys of the finger on the collecting head between the finger skin and the chip. All mobile phone fingerprint recognition is capacitive fingerprint recognition.
2. Eye pattern recognition
Eye Pattern Recognition China Mnaufacturer
The identity is confirmed by recognizing the vein texture of the white area of ​​the eye. This is because there are many small venous blood vessels in the white part of the human eye, and the layout texture of the blood vessels is only stable and cannot be copied, which is a good basis for biometrics.
Since the eye diagram cannot be copied, all its anti-counterfeiting performance is higher than fingerprint recognition, but it is affected by factors such as ambient light, so its anti-interference is not as good as fingerprints.
3. Iris recognition
IRIS Recognition China Factory
Each iris contains a unique structure based on features such as crowns, crystals, filaments, spots, dents, wrinkles and stripes. The iris recognition technology uses the characteristics of the iris' lifespan and difference to identify identities.
In theory, the life of the iris remains unchanged, and the false recognition rate of iris recognition is 1/1500000, which is higher than 1/50000 of fingerprint recognition, which is more suitable as a "password". But fingerprint recognition is more convenient than iris recognition because the part closest to the phone is the hand, not the eye.
4. Retina recognition
retina recognition
In fact, the most suitable password should be the retina. The retina is an extremely fixed biological feature that will not wear out, age, be unaffected by disease, invisible or forged. However, the implementation of retinal recognition is destined to be unacceptable to consumers. Since retina recognition requires laser irradiation on the back of the eyeball to obtain unique retinal characteristics, laser irradiation may affect the user's health.
5. Voiceprint recognition
Voiceprint recognition china manufacturer
Voiceprint recognition is a behavior recognition technology that matches the registered sound templates by testing and collecting sound waveforms and changes.
This is a non-contact identification technology, the way of implementation is very natural. However, the range of sound changes is very large, and changes in volume, speed, and sound quality affect the results of collection and comparison. At the same time, the sound can be easily forged by recording or synthesis.
6. Facial recognition
Facial Recognition
In short, facial recognition quantifies a series of parameters used for recognition by the distance, angle, size and shape between facial features and facial organs.
Facial recognition involves many organs and large areas, so its recognition is very complicated, and it is also affected by many interference factors, such as human expression and posture. Of course, the accuracy of facial recognition can also be very high, but its cost is higher. The facial recognition solution in mobile phones should be a low-cost, simple solution.
7. Signature recognition
Use "signature" as a password to identify the image itself, the action of the signature, and the speed, sequence, and pressure of each character and character.
However, this recognition method is too harsh, because the signature will also change with the increase of experience and changes in emotion. It is difficult for one person to sign two identical signatures. Therefore, signature recognition is often simplified to improve the success rate. This is the case with the Biowallet signature, which can only identify the image itself.
8. Hand blood vessel recognition
Unlike traditional biometrics, manual blood vessel recognition matches the original version by identifying the blood vessel distribution characteristics of the subcutaneous location.
This is also a stable and unforgeable identification method. It's just that the blood vessels in the back of the hand are easier to identify than the blood vessels in the palm. If this technology is applied to a mobile phone, use b to unlock the handshake.
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