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Do you know how to analyze the fingerprint advantage of fingerprint recognition tablet terminals?

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-10-31

Do you know how to analyze the fingerprint advantage of fingerprint recognition tablet terminals?
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The fingerprint recognition tablet terminal combines the traditional fingerprint identification device with the android tablet computer and adopts the authentic fingerprint identification module conforming to the standards of the Ministry of Public Security, embedded in the intelligent Android tablet terminal, and is widely used in mobile fingerprint attendance systems, for example: public security, education , urban management, transportation, banking, hotels, post offices, securities, insurance, telecommunications, civil affairs, logistics, etc.
Fingerprint identification tablet terminal, alias: mobile fingerprint attendance tablet, android fingerprint identification tablet, fingerprint scanner tablet, main parameters: tablet 7 inch system, android operating system, built-in 3G/WIFI/Bluetooth, high capacity 8000~10000Mah polymer lithium battery.
Outstanding features of fingerprint recognition:
1.High stability
Fingerprints have strong stability, and their formation depends on the environment during embryonic development. From the complete formation of fetal fingerprints to the death of human beings, the overall distribution of fingerprint pattern, structure and statistical characteristics has not changed significantly. Fingerprint is one of the most stable biological characteristics that accompany people's life.
Scientific experiments and countless facts prove that fingerprints are distinctly unique and unique, and the texture itself is very complex, and the complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient evidence for identification, including the twins, the same fingerprint, any two fingerprints The same probability is less than one billionth.
3.High reliability
High stability and high uniqueness determine the high reliability of fingerprint recognition. In order to increase the reliability of fingerprint recognition, only need to register more fingerprints to meet, and just one person can effortlessly provide fingerprint information of 10 fingers.
4.Easy collection
Fingerprints are born with them, and they don’t need to be remembered. The speed of scanning the fingerprint is very fast. When the fingerprint is collected, just put the finger on the fingerprint reader, and it can be completed in one or two seconds, eliminating the troubles such as memory password, lost stamp, forgotten password and seal.
5.Difficult to forge, difficult to decipher
Since the fingerprint recognition has the above characteristics, the real finger must be in contact with the fingerprint collection head when the fingerprint is recognized, so the difficulty of forging, impersonating, attacking, and deciphering the fingerprint becomes quite large. For example, for a 4-digit password, there are 10×10×10×10=10000 combinations, and the crack probability is one in ten thousand. The intruder can easily crack by trying all combinations, and it is difficult to find 10000. Individuals (the misunderstanding rate is one in ten thousand) provide fingerprints for your attempted invasion (even 1000 people use all 10 fingers). Take the existing fingerprint identification system as an example, the misrecognition rate is less than one millionth, and it can store millions of fingerprints. The difficulty of deciphering can be imagined.
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Mobile fingerprint recognition attendance main application
Workers at construction sites go to work and inspection attendance, urban traffic management, bus attendance, patrol, police attendance, company expatriates, business staff attendance, field operations attendance, property management company's community patrol attendance, and border inspections Inspection attendance, education patrol, student identification, child care management, urban management inspection and punishment, driving school student examination management, logistics management, invoicing management, return management, branch management, warehouse management, distribution management, inventory management, vehicles Monitoring, network intelligent terminal, bank insurance industry smart handheld terminal, PDA, restaurant bar service industry handheld terminal, express logistics industry terminal, vehicle intelligent navigation terminal, remote data transmission and control industries
Product introduction:
In today's information age, whether it is traditional industries, government, health care, banking, or retail, it is increasingly dependent on e-commerce transactions. With the increase in electronic transactions, fraud has also increased. To prevent this threat, the consumer must prove that he has the right to approve a transaction. Among all biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition is the most accurate, mature and stable product. And it is very convenient to use. The product has a wide range of commercial use values, and can be used for intelligent applications such as business electronic collection, bank savings, ATM machines, border control, time attendance, vehicle management, social insurance, and population management public security fingerprint collection. Fingerprint tablet built-in live fingerprint identification chip (in accordance with ISO, ANSI, FBI, STQC, GA fingerprint algorithm standard) is based on our company's fingerprint acquisition module combined with the current *** Android system development of industrial applications, the system uses non The contact NFC card security mechanism and encryption technology encrypt the data, and use biometric technology to control development and connect the computer fingerprint comparison system to confirm the cardholder identity, ensuring security and legality.
Multi-module, powerful performance
Covers one-dimensional / two-dimensional code, NFC, ID card reader module, fingerprint identification and other modules, a multi-purpose machine, 4G full Netcom performance. Support one/two-dimensional code scanning, industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel can quickly scan and inspect cargo information; equipped with NFC near field communication function, sharing law enforcement information is more convenient. Built-in ID card identification module, through the terminal to collect and upload social membership information, and compare it with the public network internal blacklist database in real time, so that law enforcement personnel can take corresponding measures in time.
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Features and benefits:
Ultra high performance: 
dual high definition camera to meet the needs of live portrait photo collection
GPS positioning
Wireless communication: 
all kinds of data such as communication, video and audio signals such as WIFI, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. are transmitted to the background monitoring center, providing powerful communication capabilities for real-time data on the spot.
Fingerprint recognition: 
Supports fingerprint recognition modules such as GA (Public Security Standard), ISO19794, FBI, IEC, ANSI, STQC, etc. It can efficiently collect fingerprints of fingers such as dry, wet and thick, and the recognition speed is less than 0.6 seconds.
Ultra high performance: 
quad core high speed CPU + large memory and expansion, support 3G, 4G, SIM and TF card, and NFC card reader
Customized service:
Optional installation of different standard fingerprint modules, functional configuration and flexible customization according to customer needs, providing customers with value-added terminal products with high-quality services.
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