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Different recognition way of time attendance

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Now attendance in the enterprise has been very common, generally speaking, than most now some punch type attendance, fingerprint and face recognition attendance machine attendance machine on the market.
Punch type Attendance: Attendance of such type is mainly distributed to each employee sign a card, remove the employee when the unit belonging to their own card into the attendance, will be recorded on the card to the factory employee time and attendance, and employees also need to work do so
Type fingerprint attendance: attendance this most current applications. After the staff to the unit, simply put your finger into the attendance machine, attendance will be based on each employee's pre-set a good finger fingerprint identification attendance
Face Recognition Attendance type: rigor and can not be copied such attendance is very strong, the bodies of the employees face recognition camera input within the attendance, when members face when entering the unit, just close to the face attendance, attendance machine automatically identify, if correctly identified the release, if you can not identify the error. 
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