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Did you know face attendance solution for factory floor

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-06

HFSECURITY custom face recognition all-in-one machine has the system characteristics of high precision, fast response, high density people flow accurate detection, interface function is complete, can connect infrared detector, smoke detector, door magnet and other external alarms, and support face recognition, label swipe card and other functions, multiple access control identification, effectively improve factory security protection. At the same time, support networking function, can be connected to the control information between different entrance controllers can be shared with each other, can be convenient to do the centralized management of factory personnel attendance data.
Background elaboration
Factory is a personnel-intensive industry. At present, with the improvement of people's living standard and the expansion of factory scale, factory attendance has appeared on behalf of card swipe to help replace attendance, which affects the personnel management of factory, how to do a good job of factory personnel management, statistical factory personnel attendance sign-in and factory personnel statistics, is the focus of factory management personnel. Since the implementation of face recognition identity verification, whether it is for the factory personnel identity verification, or security management have played a great role. The original attendance mode of the factory is manual attendance mode, that is, the subordinate departments are equipped with relevant personnel for manual attendance, and employees go to the designated place for card attendance registration when they go to and from work. The manual attendance mode is not only extremely low in efficiency and accuracy, but also affects the attendance results because of the human relations. These are serious to the normal attendance of the factory, and also form an obvious contrast with the production environment of the factory modern management.
Attendance solution for factory floor
Analysis of use scenario
The division of labor in factory class is getting more and more detailed and professional, the working time between different types of work is different, there are many shifts and lack of regularity; overtime and cross-day shifts are more common, the time of vacation is uncertain, the vacation arrangement changes a lot; the network condition in the factory is different, some factories are not convenient to the Ministry line, the network unified attendance is difficult; the employees themselves are less in contact with the computer, all the attendance pressure is on the administrator.
For factory workshop attendance, it mainly focuses on the following demands.
A Supporting the scheduling of inter-day shifts and irregular shifts, which can reduce the workload of attendance personnel in scheduling.
B Support the setting of overtime and temporary shift transfer, and can do intelligent processing.
Program introduction
To solve the above attendance problems, the attendance system is required to have flexible scheduling and leave management functions.
A The system supports cross-day scheduling and intelligent scheduling, and irregular shifts can also be set by month, which is convenient for factories to complete staff scheduling so that the system can automatically produce statistical reports.
B The system can be directly set to automatically count overtime after work or register overtime by administrator for attendance personnel, and also apply for overtime by employees' cell phone WeChat terminal and other ways.
C The cloud time attendance machine has hardware supporting WIFI connection, and 4G router can also be chosen to connect the time attendance machine to the network, which can solve the need of unified time attendance in different network environments.
D The system provides various attendance reports, and the attendance card table can show the daily attendance summary of employees for a month, which is easy for the attendance manager to print out and check for employees.
C It can solve the need of unified management of time and attendance in different factories with different network environments.
D It can easily export the daily attendance summary of each person and print it for employees to view.
Advantage Analysis
1、Intelligent scheduling processing
Attendance management system can provide enterprises with intelligent scheduling assistance, through the system preset template administrator can quickly fill the arrangement of staff implantation shifts, when it is necessary to adjust the calendar adjustment, shift inter-adjustment, template replication and other ways to achieve rapid batch adjustment, but also through the personnel inter-adjustment, date exchange and other ways to achieve detailed adjustment.
2、Convenient overtime processing
Through the automatic setting of attendance management system, employees can automatically apply for overtime when they go to work for more than a certain length of time, without the need for employees to provide all kinds of documents, which reduces a large amount of regular document entry and provides more convenient services for employees while reducing the workload of administrators.
3、Personalized holiday management
For different manufacturing enterprises, there are certain differences in the regulations and processing of holidays. Through the personnel attendance system, enterprises can personalize the time, type, conditions and duration of enterprise holidays to adapt to their personalized holiday regulations. At the same time, it can strengthen the linkage relationship between enterprise leave projects, execution time, distribution and release mechanism as well as the basis of overtime project and leave project balance.
Attendance solution for factory floor
4、Perfect data monitoring
Through the calculation of minimum accounting volume, the data of attendance, overtime, absenteeism and leave of employees are comprehensively controlled, and there are data abnormality alerts, so that administrators can control and deal with them in time. Facing the abnormal attendance data, E-HR employee attendance management system can also realize the rapid processing of batch or single piece of data, which greatly reduces the workload of administrators.
5、Automatic information pushing
The personnel attendance system can also send the attendance data to the employees through the network, SMS, email and other ways, so that the employees can grasp their own attendance situation in time and give feedback to the abnormal situation in time for the administrator to investigate and modify, thus achieving the role of reminding, supervising and keeping the bottom.
6. Prevent punching cards on behalf of employees
In some factories with larger scale and more workshops, it is difficult to prevent the phenomenon of card punching forgery, for the general optical face recognition attendance machine, there is no identification ability for face recognition set and face recognition film, it is easy for someone to punch card on behalf of someone, the face recognition technology adopted by the face recognition reading head of the face recognition machine of CMC Boye only identifies and verifies the face recognition of real person, which can eliminate all substances other than face and completely Curb the phenomenon of punching card on behalf of someone.
7. Efficient time and attendance
The time and attendance machine with face recognition technology of CCL Boye has accurate recognition and the time of face recognition is less than 0.7 seconds. In the factory workshop, it will not cause slow response because of the large number of people, not to mention the situation of queuing and congestion, which greatly improves the efficiency of face recognition time and attendance.
8. Precise identification
Due to the special nature of the factory environment, the fingers of the workers doing work may be damaged, and it is difficult for the ordinary face recognition attendance machine to recognize such damaged incomplete face recognition completely and accurately. The face instrument of CCSB penetrates deep into the dermis layer, and the broken epidermis can still be recognized as usual, and it can also recognize various different types of face recognition images, including rare face recognition.
9. Facilitate Attendance Management
There are many people in the factory, so it is difficult to achieve complete human supervision. Using the face time and attendance system of CCSB to manage the attendance of workers in different workshops, it can update the management of attendance data in time, simplify the attendance management procedure and make the personnel management less tedious and difficult. Attendance data can be managed by workshop group, which is flexible and convenient.
Attendance solution for factory floor
Factory face recognition system program description
Factory face recognition system composition.
Factory face recognition system is composed of human ID identification terminal, ID card reader, self-service authorization terminal, channel gate, face recognition management system and platform.
Face recognition terminal: stores the original data and passage record data of white-listed personnel and visitor personnel, and processes white-list comparison and person-ID comparison to control the gate opening of the access controller. Responsible for communicating with computer face recognition management system or third party system, downloading list data and uploading equipment comparison record data.
Self-service authorization terminal (optional): Self-service collection terminal consists of face recognition terminal and ID card reader. When the ID card is swiped for person-ID card matching, the personnel data is automatically collected and synchronized to other face recognition terminals through the system. Unless must need face plus ID card comparison, other cases do not need ID card reader, because the dynamic face recognition terminal can do ninety-nine percent recognition rate.
ID card reader: (optional) after accessing the face recognition terminal, it can carry out the person card comparison to verify the identity of the passer.
IC card reader IC card reader: After accessing the face recognition terminal, it can realize IC card swipe and face recognition two ways to open the gate.
Channel gate or other access control: processing the door opening command sent by the face recognition terminal, opening the gate and opening the door for passage
Factory face recognition system: manage face recognition terminal equipment, modify face recognition terminal equipment parameters, register whitelist personnel information and visitor personnel information, monitor real-time passage data of equipment through the system, receive face recognition terminal uploaded face recognition comparison record data and store.
Display screen: Customized configuration of factory name and welcome message, displaying information of people entering and leaving the factory on the display screen, counting the number of people in the factory and the total number of people entering and leaving that day, and releasing information such as notice announcement on the display screen.
Factory face recognition system product features
  1. High recognition rate algorithm: The leading face recognition algorithm can quickly recognize the face, identify the authenticity of the document, determine whether it is the person in 0.2 seconds at the fastest, with an accuracy rate of 99.0%, and support offline comparison.
  2. Person ID matching/1:1 matching: Face recognition terminal is a multi-functional all-in-one machine that integrates face collection and verification. It can achieve verification of the consistency of the real identity of the holder and the bearer.
  3. Whitelist comparison/1:N comparison: For whitelist persons entered through the administrator's authority, there is no need to brush the ID card, and the passage can be verified by face capture information comparison only.
  4. Black list comparison: For the black list users set in the background of the face recognition system in the factory, even if the person ID comparison through since there is no gate opening authority.
  5. Visitor comparison: For the visitor personnel registered in the background, the face recognition terminal can directly brush the face recognition pass.
  6. Whitelist grouping: the registered whitelist personnel can create whitelist grouping management.
  7. Passing permission: Different whitelists can be set up for different devices to be issued, and only the factory personnel who have been issued to the corresponding face to the device will have the face swipe access to the device.
  8. Voice broadcast: After the comparison is completed, the system automatically announces the voice of the comparison result to open the gate. When the comparison result is not passed, the voice announces the voice of the comparison failure, please try again.
  9. Multi-identification mode intelligent switching: the system automatically switches the face whitelist matching mode, human ID matching mode and whitelist matching + human ID matching mode.
  10. Record query: The software background queries the user's in and out records and batch exports all records within a time period.
  11. Off-grid operation: It can work normally when off-grid and not networked, and can manage multiple networked devices through client software after networking.
  12. Backlight recognition: the product recognizes faces normally in backlight environment and adapts to indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor scenes.
  13. Automatic fill light: the system automatically opens the fill light according to the algorithm detection, replenishing the light source, realizing normal recognition and comparison in dark and low light.
Attendance solution for factory floor
Factory face recognition system client function
  1. Installed on the local LAN computer, it can view the real-time identity matching information of the face recognition terminal, including four types of matching information: white-list matching information, visitor matching information, person-witness matching information and blacklist matching information, and two types of matching results: successful matching and failed matching.
  2. Manage local face recognition terminal devices, find, modify terminal device parameters and delete terminal devices. Query verification records, statistical data and other functions.
  3. Whitelist management: The client can manage whitelist personnel, add whitelist personnel, modify whitelist personnel information and delete whitelist personnel and other functions.
  4. Visitor management: The client can manage visitor personnel, add visitor personnel, modify visitor information and delete visitor personnel.
  5. Blacklist management: The client can manage blacklisted personnel, add blacklisted personnel, modify blacklisted personnel information and delete blacklisted personnel, etc.
  6. Record query: The client can query the person-witness matching records and whitelist matching records of the terminal system.
  7. Data export: The client can export the list database and historical records.
  8. Remote door opening: The client can remotely control the terminal system to open the door access.
  9. Visitor registration: The client can register visitors, which is convenient for visitor management.
  10. List grouping: The client can manage the grouping of the whitelisted people entered into the system.

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