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Development Status and Application Analysis of Biometric Time Attendance

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-02-13

Attendance machine can be said to be one of the largest applications of biometrics. It is understood that the current biometric time and attendance machines mainly include fingerprint time and attendance machines, vein recognition, iris recognition time and attendance machines, etc.
Resume of Attendance Machine Development
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A5 Android Fingerprint Access Control
Attendance machine is divided into two categories: the first type is simple printing type. When punching in, the original record data is printed directly on the card through the time attendance machine. The recording time on the card is the original attendance information. Training is available immediately.
The second type is the storage type. When punching in, the original record data is stored directly in the time attendance machine, and then collected and summarized by the computer, and then processed by software to finally form the required time attendance information or query or print. The time attendance information is flexible and rich. First-time users need to do some prior training to gradually master all its functions.
The first generation was a card-type attendance machine. In the 1970s, it gradually replaced the manual recording of time and attendance. He regularly punched a card made of metal, and then used a photosensitive element and a light projection to distinguish people's numbers. 8086 processor Or 80286 processor. However, the metal piece is easily deformed, which causes recognition errors. Coupled with the limitation of resolution, this time attendance machine has not been widely popularized in coal mines with thousands of people.
The second generation is a bar code attendance machine, which uses the optical principle to project a bar code image in the beam of the miner's lamp. Workers can illuminate the special attendance probe with the miner's lamp before going down the well. This method is convenient and fast. It was the first time attendance machine in China to go down. However, after all, a miner's lamp is a device that often works in harsh environments, so maintenance is frequent, and projection aliasing is a problem that confuses everyone. .
The third generation is a magnetic card attendance machine. The most common time attendance machine now, like coal mine workers swiping down the well and swiping the well has become a habit of everyone.
RA07 Dynamic Facial Access COntrol device
RA07 Dynamic Facial Access Control Device
The fourth generation is a biometric time attendance machine, which uses human biometrics to identify. This kind of time attendance machine can be identified as long as one finger, hand support, or face is placed on or facing the reading head. It is very convenient and Can prevent generation of punch-in and improve management system
The fifth generation is a camera time attendance machine and a photo time attendance machine, which effectively solves the limitations of biometrics on the environment and the use of people. The combination of smart card management and manual management can effectively adapt to factories, industrial and mining enterprises.
Analysis of the application of biometric technology for time attendance
Fingerprint identification time attendance machine has entered the market for 3-4 years, with small-scale mass production and many test models. The retail price ranges from 600-20000 yuan for fingerprint time attendance machines to tens of thousands for iris time attendance machines. The main advantage is that there is no need to carry a card, which can eliminate generation of punch cards and no card loss. The disadvantage is that when the fingerprint time and attendance machine is used by hundreds of people, the processing time is several times slower than other punching methods. At the same time, in the case of electrostatic interference, sweat salt, other stolen goods, worn fingers, close angle or improper pressure, the collection head is difficult to read fingerprints. The lighter has low recognition efficiency and the heavy fails. The iris attendance machine is limited by the miniaturization and price of the hardware, and its main use is still limited to special areas such as access control in important areas, bank vaults, insurance (reliable security) boxes.
At present, the most popular time attendance machine is undoubtedly the face recognition intelligent time attendance machine, which can be seen everywhere in high-end office buildings in China, which has once again triggered the change in the time of attendance. It is much cheaper than the iris recognition system, so it is favored by enterprises. It has an irreplaceable and irreproducible attitude and shows a tendency to replace the noble iris and fingerprints.
Facial recognition attendance machine works: It is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human face feature information for identification. First, use a camera or camera to collect an image or video stream containing a face, and automatically detect and track the face in the image, and then perform a series of related technologies on the face of the detected face, including face image acquisition, face Positioning, face recognition pre-processing, memory storage and comparison recognition, to achieve the purpose of identifying different people. Face recognition attendance system is a combination of face recognition and attendance system, and face recognition as one of the elements of attendance management.
RA05 Dynamic Facial Time Attendance and Access Control
RA05 Facial Time Attendance and Access Control Device
The iris time attendance machine, the iris is a ring-shaped film located between the white sclera and the black pupil in the human eye, showing a radial structure from the inside to the outside, including folds, radial grooves, crypts, pigment spots and concentric grooves. Details characteristics.
Biologists have discovered that although the basic structure of the iris is determined by the inherent genetic genes, the embryonic development environment before the iris formation plays a decisive role in the unique microstructure of the iris at the beginning of life. Therefore, it is impossible for two identical irises to appear in nature. Compared with other biometrics, iris time attendance is unique, stable, non-contact and viable.
However, the development of time attendance has not stopped because of biometrics technology, and higher technologies will be integrated into it, such as the camera and time attendance machines that have already begun to emerge. They have effectively solved the problem of biometrics for the environment and users. The combination of smart card management and manual management can effectively adapt to the environment of factories, industrial and mining enterprises.
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