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Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

In Security industrial, the time of "hardware is the King" has slipped away. With the development of security industry, status of the security software has been further enhanced. In the past, Security systems projects get profit rely primarily on hardware devices, but now it is relying fingerprint attendance on software.
However, compare with employee tracking system foreign market, domestic software started late, mature relatively late, there are many problems in abusing the pirated software, tedious users demands and investment in human resources.
Huifan consider different customer has different requirement on software, employee attendance software we provide free SDK with our own brand device for customer further develop. It’s a humanized solution for diversity customers.

Iris Recognition--- “Black Technology” In Biometric
Biometrics refers to the usage of people's physical characteristics (such as fingerprints, faces and irises), or behavioral characteristics (such as voice, handwriting) to do personal identification. Compared with the traditional methods of identification, biometric technology has advantages in terms of safety, security and convenience.

From recognition, biometrics can be divided into fingerprint recognition, face recognition, voice recognition, iris recognition, access control policy vein recognition, and so on. Among them, fingerprint recognition applications have an extremely broad, and face recognition application is on the rise, both of which recognition is the most popular.

Now Iris Recognition is defined as the “Black Technology” in biometric.
Iris recognition based on the iris of the eye (black circle between the pupil and the white sclera part) for identification, it is recognized as the most accurate and the most secure biometric technology. Biometric keyless front door locks industry revealed that the error rate of iris recognition can be as low as one out of 10,000, compared with fingerprint recognition error rate was 0.8%, face recognition for 2%.
And with the iris recognition, IRIS information needs to live, if it split body, loss of IRIS with pupil activity, will be rejected by machines, so iris recognition of greater security.

In 2017, Huifan will pay much attention to Iris identification to provide higher security.