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Christmas Day in Huifan, Sweet and Warm

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-12-31

Chongqing 2019/12/25, today is the Christmas day. A wonderful Christmas event was held in the headquarters of Huifan Technology Co., Ltd.-Chongqing. Merry Christmas songs, fun group games, delicious strawberry cream cakes. A strong Christmas atmosphere pervades in every corner of Huifan.

Huifan's leadership also participated together to share the cake and participate in the game. Mike Wang, CEO of Huifan, said: "Although it is Christmas today, Huifan is a team doing foreign trade. Only by understanding the traditional customs of our customers and resonating with them can we better communicate with customers. . At the same time, we are also a young and energetic team. Holding such a Christmas event will make everyone feel the passion and joy of work at all times.

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Huifan People Sing a Happy Christmas Song Together

Christmas is inseparable from the joyous Christmas song. Everyone prepared their confession for Christmas in advance. Mariah Carey's ‘All i want for Chcristmas Is You’, Sam Smith ’s “Help Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” ... Thoses Christmas songs played on the streets were alternately sang on the Huifan stage. There are also guitar accompaniments and self-singing. Everyone was sitting around the table, eating delicious fruits and snacks, listening to the Christmas carols. At the end of the performance, everyone sang the most classic Christmas song 'Wish You A Merry Christmas'. Laughter and singing filled every corner of Huifan.


Passionate Group Game Brings Activity Climax

Then comes the collective activity-- Sitting down and bursting through the balloons. The competition was very fierce, and each group member cherished a sense of collective honor to fight for the first place in the competition. Winning or losing is not so important. What is important is the spirit and ideas of hard work in the process of participation. It shows that Huifan people have the courage to work hard and have a positive attitude. The sound of cheering, pushing the whole Christmas event to the climax.


The Birthday Party Of The Employees Reflects That Everyone In Huifan Is Boss

At Huifan, every month, we hold a birthday party for person who have birthdays in that month. This is already a regular company event. Everyone sat around the cake and put birthday hats on them. They share moving stories with everyone. The holding of the monthly birthday party on the one hand allows everyone to appreciate the warmth and love of the Huifan family; on the other hand, it reflects one of Huifan's values--every employee in Huifan is the boss . Everyone is the master of his own destiny, and everyone is the guide of his own life. Adding color to life and empowering yourself all the time. Every moment in Huifan is your highlight time, and it is the best stage to show yourself. Every one in Huifan prepares at any time and is ready for better man every day.

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Swap Christmas Gifts To End Christmas Event

The last step of the Christmas event is to exchange gifts. Everyone has prepared their own carefully wrapped Christmas gifts.  Self-made scarf and gloves, DIY photo frames, exquisite cups, and delicious snacks. Different types of Christmas gifts are piled under the Christmas tree fulled of snowflakes and bells, with red bows, green ribbons, and navy striped packaging. The strong Christmas atmosphere warms everyone's faces. Each gift is numbered, and everyone randomly draws the number to get a Christmas gift. With anticipation, everyone unpacked the Christmas presents they got and then ask each other what their gifts are. The gift is small but what matter most is the mind. The process of preparing gifts for colleagues is like thinking about the best products for our customers. What kind of product is best for customers? Finding the right product for our customers is our responsibility and mission.

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Good times are always short and happy. Everyone took photos with each other and recorded this unforgettable moment. We ended our Christmas event in laughter and will share our photos to our dear customers. This is Christmas in Huifan. What about yours?