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Chongqing huifan technology co., ltd. has entered the "wisdom expo 2019 time"

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-07-24

Chongqing huifan technology co., ltd. has entered the "wisdom expo 2019 time"
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The first press conference of China international intelligent industry expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "smart expo") was held at the municipal press center today (11).The 2019 wisdom expo will be held in chongqing international expo center from August 26 to 29, with four major activities including "meeting", "exhibition", "competition" and "discussion".
As one of the world's leading biometric core technology solutions providers,We are very honored to be invited to participate in the 2019 chongqing expo, which represents that our technology is maturing and our products are gradually recognized by the international community.We will keep our original intention and make continuous progress.Get our products where you need them.
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The expo is co-sponsored by chongqing municipal people's government, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering and China association for science and technology.At present, 76 days before the opening ceremony, chongqing has entered the "wisdom expo" time, the conference preparations are pressing ahead in an orderly manner.
The expo will continue with the theme of "intelligence: empowering the economy and adding color to life".The main activities are "meeting", "exhibition", "competition" and "discussion".
In the opening ceremony, party and state leaders will be invited to attend and deliver speeches. The summit will invite foreign dignitaries, well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad, and experts and scholars to deliver speeches, gathering innovative wisdom and discussing intelligent development.
The exhibition section will focus on displaying the new products, technologies, new forms and models of the global big data intelligent industry. It is expected that the exhibition area will exceed 150,000 square meters.
The event section will focus on holding the finals and road shows of various events to build a high-level platform for the project landing and talent introduction.
BBS will invite top enterprises and leading figures in the field of intelligent big data to deeply discuss the technical difficulties, demand pain points and solutions of intelligent application of big data around 5G, "intelligent +" and "One Belt And One Road" intelligent development, so as to enable economy and add color to life.