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Chinese Security Products Comes to the Rio Olympic Games

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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China Nuctech company's security equipments comes to the Rio Olympics Games.During the entire event, more than 200 sets of equipment imported from China will successfully host the Olympic Games security escort.
To ensure the safety of the Olympic Games biometrics devices held in Rio, Chinese enterprises Nuctech, Zhejiang Dahua as the Olympic Games provide an X-ray security equipment and video surveillance products. Who becomes the Olympic employee tracking software Games a major supplier of X-ray screening equipment; Zhejiang Dahua will also provide videos surveillance products for the Olympic security work and whose face recognition and other advanced technologies are also provided for the nice game.
270 IP network HD ball machine that allows security staff can capture screen through their acquisition of specific human faces, and database face image for comparison, in role based access control models order to achieve the suspects pre-control. "Wu Yingjie represents Previously they worked for the Brazilian Presidential Palace, Curitiba Air Force Base to provide video surveillance products.

It's a good news for all Chinese Security Companies that we gradually becomes the top class in security levels and we will focus more available products in the near future.