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Can Biometric Security Keep Our Personal Data Safe

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Our personal identities have never been so vulnerable. As our lives become more digitalised and more mobile, information we want to keep private is increasingly at risk.
In 2015, over 169million personal records were exposed from 781 breaches across the financial sector, education and government. Last year, we also saw a 38% increase in more security incidents than 2014. According to a recent survey, 20% of all social media accounts will be hacked at some point – with a growing figure of 2.67billion social accounts held worldwide, that’s a lot of potential data exposure!
To protect ourselves, we have to remember so many different passwords for accounts linked to most aspects of our lives. We’re stuck in a bit of a password prison. A hexadecimal hell.waterproof access control keypad
Biometric security could well be the answer. Biometrics is a term used for physical or logical traits of the body that differ from one person to the next. Things like iris recognition, fingerprints, ear scans and DNA can be used to identify each individual uniquely.
We’re seeing an increase in a transition to Biometric Security in recent years, with over 6million biometric applications downloaded last year and a forecast of 770million to be downloaded by 2019. Not to forget the number of devices that have built in biometric authentication, with most smartphones now offering the option for fingerprint recognition to access the device. The adoption of fingerprint recognition has been extremely popular. Consumers – like myself – like things to be done quickly, easily, efficiently and fingerprint access is a way to do that, without having to type in a password each time you want to check your Twitter feed.biometric time and attendance software
Passwords are private, or at least meant to be – something only you know, but biometrics are public. Your fingerprint can be easily obtained from anything you touch; your ear can be captured on highly powerful smart phone cameras making these kinds of biometric security easy to hack as highlighted by numerous security companies. It’s much harder to recover from a breach or prove fraudulent.  
Some other biometric authentication methods are far more visceral and maybe be more secure. For example, Eye Verify Eyeprint ID technology is a biometric solution using the veins in your eyes along with other minute features to verify your identity.
The biometrics are there, but the security isn’t and companies are going to have to do a lot more before we can put our trust in biometric security systems to protect all aspects of our personal data.stainless steel door lock