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CBP to test facial recognition on passengers in moving vehicles

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-09-19




Huafan group is located in Chongqing city, Southwest of China. Her several brands, HFSecurity, BIO, Heystar, are widely in the field of interior decoration, light current, security and protection. We provide your one-stop solution in security and protection with the  most professional and exprienced team in China (Shenzhen and Choqnging city), Pakitan, and Uinted Kingdom.


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1. Facial recognition attendance software platformization


The face recognition attendance software platform truly realizes the concept of one card, one library and one network. The public parts of each sub-service module are highly integrated to form a common service module. The module includes personnel management, card management, rights management, database management, etc., which is responsible for maintaining these basic information while maintaining the business logic relationship between other business sub-modules. This module is the core and essential part of the entire platform, and realizes platform information sharing and integration through public service modules.


2.Face recognition attendance software modularization


The facial recognition attendance software platform separates each business sub-management system into a module. These modules and the public service modules are flexibly configured, freely packaged, and the facial recognition attendance software can be large or small and very convenient. Since each module does not affect each other, the customer can purchase the corresponding module according to the actual project needs; at the same time, the public service module provides a third-party system interface, which is highly scalable.


3.Facial recognition attendance software specialization

dynamic face arecognition manufacturer

The facial recognition attendance software platform uses various mainstream technologies to optimize system performance, ensure data security, and provide a customer operating experience. At the same time, we are really starting from the user's point of view, launching a variety of features such as one-button automatic installation, automatic watchdog environment detection, access control app, etc., simplifying customer operations and creating professional platform software.


4. Face recognition attendance software personalization


The face recognition time and attendance software platform adopts a new UI style and unified interface design. Create a distinctive personality in the central control. In addition, facial recognition attendance software provides a variety of user-defined functions to achieve the user's personalized needs, such as custom work panels, custom personnel attributes, etc.


February 7, 2018 - 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency will run a pilot program as early as this summer to use facial verification to identify automobile drivers and passengers in moving vehicles as they pass through a border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico, GovTech reports.

The pilot will scan the faces of vehicle occupants at the Anzalduas Port of Entry near McAllen, Texas, and if successful, the technology will eventually be rolled out across both the Northern and Southern borders.


“Traveler acceptance is really high, and we can thank the Apples and the Googles for that,” said Colleen Manaher, CBP executive director of planning, program analysis and evaluation told GovTech.


Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, sponsored by the U.S. Energy Department, have developed technology that enables facial images to be gathered even through strong windshield tint and glare, and Manaher says that if the system can identify 50 percent of individuals, it is “a home run.” CBP held an industry day in California in November to seek accuracy improvements to the system.


As previously reported, the biometric exit program has been both vigorously criticized and defended.Like Illinois, Texas has laws against the use of biometrics for commercial purposes, so the popularity of the program will be a test of the public’s comfort level with use of the technology by government.


Everyone jokingly said that a good-looking face can't be used for card swiping, but no matter how good it is, you can use it to punch cards. Is there some old version of the attendance machine has many drawbacks, the configuration is backward, it is difficult to overcome the phenomenon of card punching, and the statistics are cumbersome, the monthly replacement of the card, fingerprint peeling can not be identified, the failure rate is high, these have brought huge trouble.


But there is no need to worry, there is now a face attendance machine that can recognize the face on the basis of fingerprint punching, and the recognition function is powerful, the setting is simpler and more convenient, and it is convenient for the leader to view and enhance the management value of the personnel department.


The future face is our passport, and you can use your face to solve things and never have to worry about going to work.


RA05 is the new live face scan device, It can detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen, and with flexible detecting distance from 0.5 meter to 4 meters. It can work good under sunlight and at dark night. The device with free API document, customer can develop own software and upload data to server. Meanwhile we offer complete free software, available for attendance and access control.

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RA07 is  HFSecurity newest 7 inch dynamic facial live scan time attendance access control with Android 8.1 OS, supports Ethernet and WIFI connection. It can detect 5 moving persons at 4 meters within 0.7 seconds, IP54 level, work outdoor and mainly be designed for turnstile system.