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Building trust in digital economies with face biometrics

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-05-16

face biometric
The next wave of transformation for digital economies has recently shifted to incorporate the growing importance of biometrics when verifying someone’s identity. With the extensive number of data breaches in recent years, knowledge-based authentication has proven to be ineffective and potentially dangerous, which can escalate into big and expensive problems for businesses.
While more and more consumers rely on the digital channel for their everyday lifestyle, the importance of building and maintaining trust between the institution and end-user has become the cornerstone of success in this growing channel.
In order to meet users’ expectations in terms of ease of use and trustworthiness, digital identity verification offers a balanced experience between convenience and security. By combining the real-time authentication of identity documents with a selfie-based facial biometric comparison, institutions all over the globe can now confidently do business with their digital users– trusting what they have and who they are, and going beyond what they know.
On May 30th at 8:00am PST/16:00 GMT, join our live web event, Building Trust in Digital Economies with Face Biometrics, and learn more about advancements in technology that have enabled face biometrics to have an important stake in the identity world.
About the author
Steve Craig is Director of Product at Mitek. He directs products and user experience strategy for Mitek’s global identity business.