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Branch:Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd is the Champion Now

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Last month the Middle East Business Team get the Champion of PK.But now the situation is changed.Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd is NO.1 for the month,but the European & American Business Team just get payment about USD5,000 this morning.And it is said the Middle East Business Team will have big order and big money come in these days.Can the Shenzhen Bio I/E Co.,Ltd keep the biometric fingerprint door lock champion for this month?If yes,the Middle East Business Team will lose their NO1,then they cannot travel with our boss.But if rfid access control system no,who will be the next champion?Still Middle East Business Team?We don’t know!Do you know?Let’s wait for it!

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