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Biometrics technology is the ultimate in all walks of life.

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-11-13

When it comes to biometrics, we are not new. Fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition Our brains are not small. However, technology is to make you continue to surprise, the brain can not open, brainwave awareness, genetic recognition technology surged.
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Fingerprint recognition technology
fingerprint recognition technology
Among many biometric identification technologies, fingerprint recognition can be said to be a widely used one, and it has repeatedly made great achievements in the field of criminal investigation. Nowadays, with the rise of mobile Internet and smart phones, fingerprint recognition technology has entered the mobile phone field under the leadership of Apple. Although it is only used to unlock, there are more and more smart phones using fingerprint recognition. This is the upcoming fingerprint. Payment lays a solid foundation. However, human technology cannot be limited to this. Fingerprint recognition technology is only a drop of water in the sea. There are still many undeveloped biometric technologies. Let's talk about the biometric technology application of the mobile phone circle and the future. development of.
Speech recognition technology
In addition to fingerprint recognition, speech recognition is also a popular technology, such as Siri, Microsoft Xiaona, and the wisdom voice of Star No. 2. They can really liberate their hands in some aspects, but they are far from true life. Because there are many uncertain factors in daily life, and they are very rigid in the vocabulary and language setting, if you have seen Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar Crossing" must be the kind of human-computer interaction technology inside. The memory is still fresh, and the seamless “communication” between people and robots in the film is the future development direction of speech recognition technology.
From the recent flagship models released by domestic and foreign brands, they either support fingerprints, support voice, or both, so it can be seen that fingerprint recognition and speech recognition are currently the key technologies for development, although this year's MWC There are also eye, iris and other recognition technologies, but they have not been widely applied. Therefore, the biometric technology of the mobile phone industry is mainly based on fingerprints and voice.
Foreseeable technology
"Smart Ecosphere" believes that everyone is no stranger, Xiaomi, Meizu, LeTV and other strengths are involved in this, and the word "smart" is no longer just referring to mobile phones, as large as home appliances, small to water cups are moving closer to intelligence. What is the smart ecosystem like? These three powerful companies bring us three different ecosystems.
From the perspective of a series of Lei Jun's layout, Xiaomi's ecosystem is based on system + cloud + Internet + intelligent hardware, etc. These build a relatively complete smart ecosystem, and this ecosystem is closed, of course, this is still Xiaomi mobile phone The main smart ecosystem; Meizu's smart ecosystem is slightly different from Xiaomi. Meizu is engaged in the construction of the entire intelligent ecological chain while focusing on mobile phones, and the process is open; LeTV is Vertical integration closed-loop ecosystem of “platform + content + terminal + application”.
Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition
Speaking of this, some people may ask, “What is the relationship between smart ecosystem and biometrics?” Here you may wish to imagine that when the mobile phone becomes the protagonist of the smart ecosystem, it is like a “key” to control the ecosystem. Everything in the world, such as switching lights, setting time for microwave ovens, remote control, etc., when these scenarios can be seamlessly connected, it means that humans have entered the 5G era, because in the blueprint of the 5G era, "Internet of Things" It can be said that it is the ultimate goal, so the security of mobile phones is particularly important, so in the foreseeable future, iris, face, palmprint and other identification technologies will be widely used in mobile phones and other industries.
More advanced technology
Finally, let's open our minds and think about the development vision of biometrics. Perhaps in the distant future, fingerprint, speech, iris, face and other recognition technologies have become past tense. Instead, genes, brain waves, etc. are more advanced. The identification technology, the application of these identification technologies will make our life more convenient than now, the individual is more unique, and the security is naturally not to be said.
Although today's technology can't make those surreal recognition technologies widely used, some theoretical knowledge and methods of operation have emerged. Let's briefly introduce them below.
Gene, brain wave recognition technology
Gene identification technology, by testing individual genes, selecting feature sites (DNA fingerprints), and then loading them into a computer repository, so that genetic identification cards can be created. Of course, if you want to add a personal medical record, it is ok. However, because this technology is not yet available for real-time sampling and rapid identification, it has limited its promotion.
Brain wave recognition technology, brain wave signal is a bioelectrical phenomenon reflecting brain activity. Multi-electrode brain waves collected by equipment can be used for personal identification, but limited by expensive equipment and complicated operation, etc. The practical application of technology in personal identification.
I believe that in the near future, there will be more advanced biometrics for identifying personal identities and other information. In fact, as long as we can bring the existing biometric technologies to the extreme in all walks of life. The surprise that technology brings to me will never stop. I look forward to sharing it with you again at the moment when the brain is wide open.
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