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Biometric vertification in real life

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

In the latest release of the movie "Mission Impossible 4", these dazzling scenes. We must ask: Is this true? When will this technology be used on us? In fact, these scenarios is not just a movie stunt, face recognition has made science fiction a reality. In our lives, many places its shadow.
Face recognition technology is based on the facial feature information of a person's biometric technology of identification. Collection with a video camera or camera images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the image, and then the detected human face the face of a series of related technologies, including facial image acquisition, face location , face recognition preprocessing, memory and storage then identification, to achieve the purpose of identification of different identity.
So Biometrice face will be much popular . Let us expect.