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Biometric technology used in the payments industry

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


From 2D scanner code to fingerprint ,innovative payment industry offer the more efficient and security solutions for biometric time attendance system supplier our account

with the fast developing speed of the internet technology and  mobile payment ,different  and diversified  payment method  become a new trend of's more important to find out the more safer and diversified payment  .it also all the companies 's key point to development .more and more online mall are looking for a safer biometric recognition technology to  verify identification, application security, credit rating, etc., so can offer the good experience ,more safer account solution  for user

 Analysts pointed out that biometric recognition door security systems is the most convenient and safer technology ,because the verification is against the user itself .

The internet  's essential characteristics   is efficient, fast, but the risk exit  during  the Transactions  must not be ignored .so the application during the fingerprint and facial recognition is auto door lock not simply the payment process but also  increase user stickiness,the most important ,it can improve the payment security index by verification by biometric recognition .with the biometric technology 's continues to mature,the future will become a mainstream payment.