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Biometric Technology Time Attendance Machine Industry Marketing Channels

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Attendance patterns between 600 and 20,000 yuan to several million iris attendance. The main advantage is that the need to carry cards that can eliminate pinch card, no card losses. The disadvantage is that the fingerprint attendance machine.More than a few hundred people to use, the processing time slower than the other way punch several times. While electrostatic interference, sweat salt, other booties, wear finger, close angle or pressure is not.At the time, it is difficult to read the fingerprint acquisition head, low recognition efficiency light weight identification failed. Iris attendance is restricted hardware miniaturization and price, its main use is still limited.In particular in the field of access control important areas, bank vault, safe. The most popular is undoubtedly the face recognition time attendance, intelligent face recognition attendance.
It has been everywhere in the domestic high-grade office buildings, once again sparked change attendance times, due to its unique characteristics of the known world, the price is lower off than iris recognition system.Much cheaper, so much enterprises of all ages, irreplaceable and no copy showed a sharper attitude, a great noble replace trend toward iris and fingerprint. FaceRecognition attendance machine works: it is based on people’s facial features a biometrics information of identification. First with the camera or the camera capture containing a human faceImage or video stream and automatically detect and track human faces in the image, and then the detected human face the face of a series of related technologies, including image capture human face, the human face.Positioning, recognition preprocessing, memory storage and comparison to identify, achieve the purpose of identifying the identity of different people. Face Recognition Attendance System is the recognition and attendance systems knotTogether, and recognition as one of the elements through attendance management. Attendance fingerprint time attendance system iris, iris annular film is situated in the eyes of white and black pupils between the sclera, wasA radial structure emerged from the inside out, including the folds, radial groove, recess, pigment spot and concentric ditch minutiae. Biologists found that, despite the iris basic.Structure is determined by the inherent genetic, but in the early stages of life, before the formation of the iris embryonic development environment unique fine structure of the iris but then plays a decisive role.
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Thus, two identical nature impossible iris. Iris attendance and other biometric comparison, unique, stability, non-contact, live.Body of. However, the development of attendance and not because of biometrics and stop, as well as higher technology will be rfid access control system integrated into one, such as camera has emerged attendance,Pictures attendance, they effectively solved biometric restrictions on the environment and the use of the crowd, smart card management and labor management, and can be effectively adapted to the factories, mining enterprises Industry and other environments. Attendance sophisticated channel market development role of the market transition from immaturity to maturity, as a product manufacturer to create a body should play a leading role, but aloneProduction enterprises is not enough, we also need the support dealers in product promotion and service given. But for now such an unregulated market, many dealersHave gradually lost confidence, even more reluctant to increase investment, which in fact is wrong, any restructuring of a market, it means an opportunity to have far-sighted investors.