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Biometric technology Mission Impossible 5 behind what?

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

The author Altro Palace, poly Hong photoelectric founder, Shanghai Jiaotong University Dr. Some research on biometrics, iris recognition, especially in the field of specialization in 15 years. He will bring "Mission Impossible 5" series of popular science, this paper is the retina and iris recognition science  the retina and iris, who is the most popular high-tech science fiction in almost every section  Mission Impossible  It will cause in the field of biometrics in a lively discussion, so that the film has been dubbed the biometric technology advertising film . 
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Such as the use of emergency rescue mission to unlock the iris of the world, or wearing a rubber mask to fool the Kremlin slipped recognition, this is Ethan Hunter's most pro-Lai  black Technology  plot.Mission Impossible 5 in, Tom Cruise plays Ethan  Hunter showed the new technology retina recognition of a right-eye camera at the British prime minister, along with two red light sweep, Ethan  Hunter opened decide the fate of mankind red box . We love movies, we love science. Both belong to the same biometric eye: retinal and iris, in the end who is superior  Mission Impossible 5 in the retina recognition) VS retina iris:? Located in back of the eye retina recognition principle, is a layer of transparent film .
Retinal identification is with infrared transmission pupil, retinal vascular images taken using the unique identification to retinal vascular distribution. Retinal vascular divided into two categories: major blood vessels and capillaries, the former more obvious characteristics, can be used for identification, the latter characteristic scale too small to identify. Iris is located in front of the eye, is a pupil with a multi-colored ring around the organization, located externally visible surface of the eye, the cornea is the transparent layer covering, showing a complex radial texture, these texture composed of many folds, depressions and of projections. Iris recognition is the collection, extraction, analysis and comparison of these annular complex texture differences.