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Biometric medication control device used in Kentucky hepatitis C program

Author: huifan   Time: 2019-08-01

More NGOs have paid attention on Public Health Problems, especially for the disease that death rate keep increasing.


Recently Intent has partnered with the University of Kentucky in a $15 million federal grant program to help one of Kentucky county particularly hard-hit by the potentially deadly virus. Biometric device has been used to manage the dispensation of hepatitis C medications for 900 individuals to track patient adherence, as a 12-week regimen is required to cure patients of the virus.

NGO Fingerprint scanner 

The medications to be used have been donated by biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, at an estimated value of $20 million. 


By providing medication through biometric monitoring, the program enables physicians, therapists, and caregivers to monitor precisely how regularly patients are taking their medications, as well as any attempts to abuse, misuse, or divert the drugs provided.


Except this case in USA, more are Africa and Asia countries, e.g.fhi360 Nigeria support pregnant woman regular checking and allowance with biometric enrollment and verification; Pakistan Child vaccine registration with biometrics etc..


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 Fingerprint Scanner for health care

We are happy to see the use of biometric system simplify the monitoring process and efficient. We believe the implement of biometrics make life more easier, secure and happier.


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