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The Guide of Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Time Attendance System

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-10-12

The choice of biometric attendance system is relatively simple. Once our company confirms the required attendance requirements, then select the corresponding attendance system according to the requirements. However, the choice of the attendance system also contains other factors. Its functions can be expanded indefinitely. This requires us to have a certain understanding of biometric attendance software. Choose a device that matches the company's needs, which can greatly improve us. The work efficiency is improved, and the company's economic benefits are improved. How do we choose the best biometric fingerprint scanner attendance system?
HFSecurity Biometric Attendnace System
When the biometric technology first appeared, due to the immature technology and more security vulnerabilities, it was invaded. However, as the technology continues to mature, the current biometric technology is already very reliable and the security is guaranteed. no need to worry. It is precisely because of the continuous development of technology that the biometric fingerprint attendance equipment has added many new functions, which has increased the scope of choice for us to choose a suitable attendance system. The fingerprint scanner security did not worry.
Remote access
Why is the biometric fingerprint time attendance system getting easier? It's because the fingerprint time attendance system has helped us bring all the local technologies together. Remote attendance is very attractive to many companies and entrepreneurs. Assuming that we are the company's leader and department employees go on a business trip again, how do we judge whether this customer is working in different places on time and whether we have completed our work. At this time, the role of remote access can be realized. For employees on business trips, they can use remote access Local function realizes remote clocking.
HFSecurity Biometric Product
Data management software
HF-A5 Fingerprint Time Attendance Data Management Software
Old-fashioned attendance is all paper attendance, paper typesetting and it takes a lot of manpower to calculate these data, and we need a certain amount of energy and material resources to save these paper data, as time goes by, paper files It is easy to turn yellow, worn out, and even easy to lose. But if we choose an attendance system with data management software, what changes will happen if we think about it?
1. Attendance software automatically helps us schedule shifts, we only need to enter the company's personnel names into the system, set the rules, and the system will automatically help us schedule shifts
2. Automatic statistics of attendance data, the system will automatically calculate our attendance records and automatically calculate our wages, eliminating the need for manpower statistics, and the data is accurate.
3. Data is saved in the cloud. Our attendance data is saved in the cloud, and we can query it at any time.
The current biometric time attendance equipment has standard and optional functions, and the standard functions are not our requirements, we can choose to match. Usually the standard elements are memory, fingerprint capacity, system, power configuration. Our FP08 handheld time attendance machine can choose 2+16 memory, fingerprint can choose FBI certified fingerprint meter, and so on. As long as you have the configuration you need, we can provide you with a complete set of solutions.
Security function
HFSecurity Fingerprint Scanenr Time Attendance Access Control
The security of the biometric system has been verified. Some systems adopt double verification, such as fingerprint + password, fingerprint + IC card. The security of fingerprints is already relatively large. Fingerprint data is a special data of biometrics. Your fingerprint information is different, which guarantees the certainty of the data, and the device supports live authentication. In this case, the security level will become higher.
Access control
Biometric fingerprint time and attendance software can set personnel access permissions. The general manager can enter all the doors of the company, financial personnel can enter and exit the door, and the door of the financial room, other personnel can not enter, and employees can enter and exit the door, toilet, rest room and other public Places and places with safety data are not allowed to enter. The control of access rights can effectively ensure the mobility of company personnel, ensure data security, and reduce personnel complexity.
HF7000 Biometric Bluetooth Fingerprint Time Attendance Device
Biometric Bluetooth Fingerprint Time Attendance
HF7000 is the first Bluetooth fingerprint reader in the world, HFSecurity's patent product. It aims to solve the connection problem in the use of traditional fingerprint reader and make it more convenient to use. Also supports Android, Windows, IOS, Linux. As one of our best selling fingerprint scanners, it has been widely used for elections, telecom, banking, e-ID, e-passport, etc.
HF-FP05 Portable handheld mobile android with fingerprint scanner time attendance terminal
FP05 Android with fingerprint scanner time clock attendance device
HFSecurity china biometric time attendance supplier
I hope that the points I said above can help you to choose the best biometric fingerprint time attendance device. If you have other suggestions, you can also contact us, we will explore the world of biometrics together, thank you very much The feedback brought.
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