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Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Authentication For Small Businesses

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-02-24

1. What does fingerprint scanner mean?

The biometric fingerprint scanner android is a biometric authentication method with a long history and the recognition technology has been quite stable. The fingerprint scanner can identify and authenticate an individual's fingerprints by using the fingerprint information obtained on the spot and the fingerprint information previously entered into the system. Grant or deny access to the computer system or a place for this person
In today's technology-driven era, companies are choosing various digital methods to securely store sensitive business data. However, when companies adopt digital methods to store the most important business documents, the cost of protecting sensitive business data places a heavy burden on the company. Is your small business looking for affordable security solutions so that all business documents and agreements can be stored safely and securely?
Fingerprint authentication is an ideal solution for enterprises of all sizes to securely protect business documents on digital platforms in real time. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, fingerprint authentication technology is an economical solution that can provide a high level of security for business documents. It also takes up less space, improves user-level efficiency, reduces the task of remembering long and complex passwords, and frees IT departments from the trouble of managing complex passwords.
biometr fingerprint time attend scanner

2. What is fingerprint authentication?

Fingerprint authentication technology is a biometric recognition function that utilizes the unique and unique biological characteristics of a person (such as fingerprints, iris points, voice and facial scans) and provides a high level of security for selected or all business documents . It also controls the access rights of employees entering designated rooms in the office.

3. How does fingerprint authentication work?

For this fingerprint authentication technology, the user first needs to register with the system by giving multiple fingerprint impressions from different angles. When the user provides multiple fingerprint presses, the system will automatically collect specific biological features (such as minutiae) from the user's sample fingerprint image and store it in the database as a template.
otg support android fingerprint scanner
After the user is registered in the system, every time he tries to log in to the computer system or visit in a safe room, the user must provide a fingerprint impression for safe access. During this period, the system will automatically obtain the fingerprint imprint of the current user and compare it with the pre-registered template in the database. Based on similarity factors, users can be identified or rejected.
  • Fingerprint authentication solutions are very beneficial to small businesses. These are some of the reasons why your small business should adopt fingerprint technology.
  • Fingerprint scanners are a small, portable and viable option for small businesses. In addition, they are reasonably priced and within the budget of small businesses.
  • Fingerprint authentication is the ultimate solution for single-user authentication, such as an employee logging into a computer system or entering an office.
  • Compared with traditional security methods, fingerprint technology provides highly secure measures for confidential business data.
  • It avoids the trouble of writing down or remembering complex passwords, because these troubles may lead to security issues and data loss.
  • In general, fingerprint authentication technology provides a high level of security, accuracy and reliability for sensitive business documents and documents. For small and medium enterprises, it is also an ideal and perfect security solution.
  • Fingerprint technology can protect small businesses from hacker attacks in real time, and effectively detect signature forgery and fraud.
  • Fingerprint scanners are easy to use and process faster; provide an excellent customer experience and provide enterprise security solutions.
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