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Biometric Bank Security Identification

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

From the beginning, Bank notes and silver coins are starting , we feel incredibly primitive or quaint at best to an increasing number of shoppers. Many rfid based attendance system are more likely to using their credit or debt card for both their online and offline purchases.

An time tracking software free estimated school attendance software 53% of us forget crucial passwords more than once a week. Does this sound familiar to you? These forgetful episodes often involve us losing more than 10 minutes that we will never get back as we embark on the cumbersome reset of our account process. This often leads to shoppers abandoning their purchase through sheer frustration, while others miss out on buying concert tickets to a show that sells out in record time.

For now, HFsecurity has cooperated banks for biometric system which no need password/pins but with your own finger to do verification.

Bluetooth/USB fingerprint reader and Handheld terminal for your option.