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Biometric Authentication Opens New Opportunities For Financial Services

Author: huifan   Time: 2018-04-04



These customers have expanded past traditional retail banking facilities to include cash checking, investing services, credit unions and insurance services. Traditional security services to banks and credit unions typically included hold-up, intrusion alarm and hold-up video services. Today, with innovative “self-service” options, changing customer needs and the speed at which we conduct business, there are new security challenges for these financial businesses. Early fraud detection, positive identification, audit records of transactions and proactive prevention in financial transactions continues to be a focus of all companies within this market.




The increased reliability of biometric authentication over the last 8 years opens new opportunities for financial services. With the Mobile Fingerprint Handheld Tablet Series from HF SECURITY, automating the validation of an ID process with fingerprint biometrics can stop a fraudulent transaction before you become a victim. Simply deflect fraudsters away with increase risk of exposure. Having a fingerprint biometric enrollment process can  separate authenticated customers from pretenders, and integrating IP video can link a fingerprint to a face for teller validation. Biometric stand-alone readers provide validated fiscal control procedures quickly with event logging.


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