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Biometric Analysis: face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition applications industry leader

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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Biometric technology is no longer mysterious to the general public is concerned, fingerprint recognition has become the standard in smart phones, to see the face in this era of face recognition has become the most fire biometric technology, Samsung's recent series of moves, it seems to presage the iris recognition technology will also occupy the smart terminal market. As public awareness of biometrics and welcome degree of improvement, biometrics have been widely used in finance, education, social security, public security and other industries.
So, the current mainstream biometric technology what? Their application status of the industry is what? As a leader in the field of biometrics, Tiancheng Sheng said that the current mainstream of biometrics including fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition three its industry applications can be summarized as follows: the most sophisticated fingerprint recognition, face recognition hottest, iris recognition ready.
Extensive biometric technology application, multi-modal biometrics into trends
Sheng Tiancheng biometric solutions industry representation, finance, education, social security, public security and other industries demand for biometric technology will be more and more, the face of complex scenarios, a single biometric technology is far failed to meet the various sectors application requirements. For example, fingerprint recognition as the most mature biometric technology, is more interested in internal risk control, witnesses and other aspects of one application, and face recognition as the most convenient, most user-friendly biometric technology, more conducive to secondary remote authentication, iris recognition as the most accurate biometric technology, payment, access control arsenal, treasury high levels of security access control application areas popular.
"Each biometric technology has its own advantages, only through multi-modal biometric authentication platform will unify multiple biometrics together, make up a short take long to bring our customers the best and most complete application solution program. "Sheng Tiancheng Road. And on the current biometric technology in all punch card attendance machine sectors of the application point of view, which does not have biometrics thriving, but a android handheld terminal variety of biometric technology go hand in hand, flourishing.