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Biological payment will subvert the traditional financial payment mode

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

Recently, the Finnish startups Uniqul introduced face recognition based payment platform, the system only the user faces the screen POS machines brush face, the entire payment process within 5 seconds is basically over. This payment model based on human organ is bio-payment, with its unique and irreplaceable, is gradually replacing the books, bank cards and other traditional financial services tools to become the primary medium of payment and settlement in the future. 
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Biological paid mainly by biometric technology, customer identification based on inherent human physiological and behavioral characteristics of the organ, and then associated with personal bank accounts, you only need to identify the biological characteristics of the transaction, you can complete the payment. Currently ICBC, Bank, Merchants Bank, China Everbright and other domestic banks have launched related biological payments. Induction pay digital platform to build bio-payment technology, although early in the 19th century had already seen, but its real rise after the 1990s or in the popularity of the Internet. From the current
point of view, is to promote the application of bio-payment include fingerprint payment, payment iris, face pay, pay vein, voiceprint payments. 
All creatures are several payment methods include processing: acquisition, decoding, comparison and matching. Biological image acquisition mainly high-precision scanners, cameras and other optical devices, as well as based on capacitive, electric field sensor chip crystal technology, ultrasound scan, infrared scanning and other equipment. Wherein the optical scanning input technology is the most mature technology of fingerprint input. Just place your finger on a table plate (usually made of glass plus film), and be able to complete entry finger image.