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Bank Introduces Finger Vein Biometrics To Deter Fraudsters

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Technology derived from medical scanning is being used by a UK Bank in the fight against cybercrime and identity frauds. Early September, a UK Bank announced its Biometric Reader for corporate banking customers, which uses finger vein scanner. Finger attendance software free vein recognition is widely used by bank branches in Japan but first time in UK.

Unlike PINs and passwords, which can online time clock software be shared and stored, vein patterns are unique to the user. Michael Mueller, head of cash management at Barclays says the Bank will not retain a database or public record of the users' finger vein patterns.

How does the system recognize the user if it has no database to confirm from? I think the system should map the veins and link with digital combination lock the user ID. The vendor should customize the utility to reduce time and activity to login.....something like "One Touch recognition, authentication and login".