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Attendance of applications

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

According to TrendForce's Institute of Advanced Industrial latest estimates made by the global financial industry to promote innovative trends, application of biometrics in the financial sector or value increased from $ 123 million in 2015 to $ 657 million in 2019, especially in the growing Asia-Pacific region the greatest potential, followed by Europe. The Institute believes that, with the advent of the era of things, intelligent integration of large-scale increase security requirements of electronic equipment. Since 2013 iPhone 5s the first to carry the fingerprint identification system to further enhance the protection of individual privacy, the development of various biometric technologies have become a new generation was learning. Topology Research analyst Lin Zhen Yu said that the current market is the most widely used biometric fingerprint identification system, however, easily be replicated because of the fingerprint identification, and therefore a higher degree of security will be the focus of biometrics companies actively developed, such as 3D face, iris and vein recognition. Vein recognition both in vivo identification, difficult to duplicate and recognition rate and other characteristics of a number of banks in the world has been adopted as an automatic teller machine (ATM) withdrawals High capacity Access secure authentication. Japan, due to the loss of the bank regulatory requirements for ATM identification errors caused by negative 100% liability, prompting more secure finger vein recognition terminal height popularity in Japan finger vein recognition ATM market share has exceeded 80%. The British bank Barclays in September from last year began to try to finger vein recognition system client identity, well, then it will be extended to other general individual users. Brazil Bradesco Bank since 2007 to import palm vein recognition technology to the ATM after the accident date Number of fraud is zero. Lin Zhen Yu pointed out that the Chinese mainland and Taiwan banks using vein recognition was started, and the attitude of Continental Bank's most active. Panzhihua City Commercial Bank as a pioneer, palm vein recognition function integrated into the ATM biometric fingerprint scanner terminal, just select palm vein option, enter a password stored, after scanning the palm vein identification through, you can succeed deposits, withdrawals, transfers, replace financial card function. Lack of regulatory restrictions and actively trying new technology compared with mainland banks, door keypad lock the banks slightly behind the pace of Taiwan, only CITIC Bank in March 2015 announced that it would assess the suitability finger vein recognition in automatic teller machine withdrawals, the future an opportunity for Taiwan to become available vein recognition ATMs areas.

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