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Attendance Management System using Face Recognition

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-04-06

By combining face recognition access control system with cloud-based management system, it can realize employee identification, employee attendance, visitor registration, attendance data statistics, query and other functions. Face recognition access control system "face as evidence" of access control attendance is more accurate, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of employees punching cards on behalf of employees, but also to avoid the occurrence of foreign idle people entering and leaving the enterprise at will. At the same time, the manager can all through the cell phone app anytime and anywhere to view the enterprise's staff attendance, when there are unfamiliar visitors into the enterprise, the manager can receive the visitor's real-time face information, to confirm the identity of the correct remote door.
attendance management system using face recognition
Face recognition access control system has what advantages.
High accuracy, safety and reliability: Using face recognition technology, "brush face pass" identification accuracy, to ensure accurate identification of each face, and therefore higher security.
Combination of multiple ways to ensure security: flexible settings according to user needs: single face recognition; password + face recognition; ID/IC card + face recognition and other identification modes
Intelligent self-learning function: automatically capture the face, face recognition access control attendance system built-in face algorithm with template self-learning function, with changes in hair style, skin color, age, etc. dynamically update the face database, so as to always correctly identify the face.
Real-time attendance record: When employees pass the access control successfully, the system will automatically record and upload their attendance information, and the real-time record is more intuitive and easy to check, discriminate, verify and statistically analyze the attendance personnel.
Real-time remote monitoring and alarm: The system can remotely monitor the entry and exit of each door belonging to the system in real time, and send an alarm to the manager once a suspicious person enters or leaves the important area of the enterprise.
Cloud management: Through web browser or mobile device APP, you can view staff attendance information, visitor information, access control access situation and open the door remotely anytime and anywhere.
Huifan self-developed face access control attendance system solves the barrier of manual attendance and provides employees and organizations with a benign, collegiate, recyclable biometric face access control attendance solution.
In the previous article, we showed the configuration, interface, advertisement and questionnaire of face recognition.
In this article we will show the most important functions of access control, attendance rules, personnel settings, and access control functions.
Catalog introduction:
System installation and home page display instructions
System display and initialization
Device management
LAN version
Cloud version
Temperature mask settings
Advertising management
Questionnaire management
Personnel management
Employee's addition
modification and inspection,
permission equipment
palmprint management
Fingerprint management
face management
Attendance management
Shift settings
holiday setting
public holiday
Attendance configuration
Typography settings
Attendance Analysis
Attendance statistics
Working hours statistics
presence statistics
Leave management
Traffic management
pass record
Capture record
Monitoring records
access control
System Management
Organizational management
role management
User Management
SMS settings
log management
data backup
Personnel Management
4.1 Employee Management
The employee list in face recognition device  access control management can be used to manage employee information, view, add, edit, and export employee information. You can add individual employee information, and you can also choose to add bulk operations.
Batch add operation requires batch import of information first, and then batch import of portraits.
The following diagram shows the employee management
4.1.1 Adding individual employee information
Operation steps:
1) In the background of face recognition attendance system, find the staff list, and there is a function under the staff list to select "New".
Click the New button, you can enter the page of adding employees
2) Fill in the ID, name, gender, belonging to the group, cell phone number, ID number, date of birth and other basic information and alarm information, add face recognition photos, so as to use the face recognition function afterwards, (up to three) Click "Save" to complete the employee creation operation.
attendance management system using face recognition
Note that the alarm information here is the service of personal alarm warning function, after the alarm information is set up here, you also need to open the alarm switch in "system-alarm setting" to open the personal alarm function, for more operation and explanation, click here to get the completed face recognition time and attendance system document for free.
Instructions for uploading face recognition photos
Uploading from local area:
Face photo specification requirements:
  1. Please choose a frontal crown-free photo of the last three months, with clear headshot and even light exposure
  2. The recommended size is 640*640 px, and the size should not exceed 500kb, only jpg and png file formats are supported
  • Face should take up more than 1/3 of the photo, avoid blurred photos, sunglasses, excessive beauty, headshot rotation, etc.
PS: If your photo upload fails, you can refer to the above three points to check
      If the facial information recognition fails, you can refer to the above three points to check
4.1.2 Batch import of employee information
Operation steps, in the "Employee List", click the "Bulk Import - Employee Information" button to enter the bulk information import pop-up window
(1) The first step, click "Download Template", download the excel template file to your computer, the file name is "xxx", and then fill in the employee information in bulk
Note; there is a fixed format for filling in the date of entry and birthday, contact us to get the format template
(2) Step 2, click "upload excel" file, select the excel file that has been filled with employee information to upload, the file is uploaded successfully, display the upload success status, and display the file name
(3) The third step, click "Start Import", after the import is completed, you will be prompted to import the staff information successfully; after the import is completed, you can view the imported staff information by returning to "Staff List".
Start importing
Overwrite existing employees: If you import the file twice or more times, the information of the duplicated employees will be overwritten.
Skip existing employees: The information of duplicate employees will be skipped in the second import.
Import failure exceptions
The content or format of the uploaded excel file is wrong, not in accordance with the template specification, click Start Import and directly mention "Upload file error".
4.1.3 Batch import portrait
Steps: In "Employee List", click "Bulk Import - Photo Information" button to enter the bulk import portrait pop-up window
Step 1: Click "Select File Compression" to open the Select Folder window and select the file to upload.
Step 2: Click "Start Import".
Portrait import rules description:
"Portrait file order": the naming of the portrait file corresponds to the person ID, so that the corresponding person's portrait information can be viewed in the person list after successful upload.
"Format size limit" only supports jpg and png file formats, and the size of each portrait file must not exceed 500k, files that do not meet the requirements will not be imported
attendance management system using face recognition
"Portrait restriction" portrait must account for more than 1/3 of the photo, please choose into three months of frontal crown-free photos, headshot clear, and evenly lit, to avoid the headshot can not be used for face recognition
"After the above conditions are met, place the named portrait photos in the specified folder and select the folder for importing.
Description of portrait import failure:
The file size of a certain image does not meet the requirements, after modification, you can re-import it.
4.1.4 Take photos
Select the photo button on the right side of the "Employee Management" list, select the online device in the pop-up box, click on the device to take a photo, wait a few seconds, refresh the page to display the employee photos
4.1.5 Refresh employee information
Right-click on "Refresh" button in "Employee Management" to refresh all employee information in the list to the latest status.
4.1.6 View and edit employees
View employees
You can click "View" in the last action column of the staff list to view staff details, staff track, staff QR code, etc.
Select employee details to view the basic information of the employee
View employee track, view the corresponding employee's travel record
attendance management system using face recognition
View QR code, when the new employee, generated its corresponding QR code, click "View QR code" to view the employee QR code information
Employee editing: In the details page, edit the content to be modified, you can modify the basic information and photo information of the employee, click Save after modifying the information.
4.1.7 Delete employees individually and in bulk
In the background, select the list of employees, confirm an employee's information, and then delete, you can delete a single employee
Similarly, you can delete a batch of employees by selecting the employees to be deleted
Note: When an employee is deleted, the authorization of all devices of the employee will be released accordingly.
4.1.8 Employee Grouping Management
New group: In the left side of the "Employee List" first click to select the name of the new subgroup, click New Group, fill in the group name, click OK to create a new group
Add; rename and delete groups Find the group name to be modified on the left side of the Employee List, right-click it, and select one of the New, Rename and Delete functions to operate according to your needs. Select personnel, click the Batch Group button to open the Batch Group page to select a group, you can batch modify the personnel group
4.1.9 Employee authorization
Operation steps 
In the first step, select the employees to be authorized and click the Authorize button. 
Step 2, select the authorization type in the pop-up window. 
The third step, select the equipment that needs to be authorized (can be multi-selected) 
Step 4, select the type of time of passage, (choose to get from the personnel information will be based on the personnel details of the time of passage to configure) 
The fifth step, you can choose the time period for staff to pass (optional multiple time periods, up to three segments), if not fill in the default all day any time period can be passed 
Step six, click on the processing .
The seventh step, you can pass the [authorization management] of the [authorization record] to view the information of successfully authorized personnel, you can also click on the left side of the device name to view all personnel authorized information on the device
Eighth step, you can check whether the authorization is successful in [Authorization Status] of [Authorization Management]. Note: the person who has created a photo on the device without registration (mainly for card access) and the person who has both created and registered a photo will be displayed here 
Step 9: If the status is not synchronized at this time, you can click on the details on the right to see the reasons for the failure of an employee authorization. Note: You need to make corresponding changes according to the error information before the retry button can work. 
4.1.10 Employee Information Export
In the staff management page, click the [Export] button to export staff information, staff photos, staff QR code images, etc.
4.1.11 Batch grouping
4.1.12 Swipe ID card to get staff information
1. external ID card reader
2. install the plug-in, plug-in download address: click here to get the plug-in installation address
3. After successful installation, click the Read Information button, put the ID card into the swipe area to get the information of the person automatically.
4.1.13 Move to blacklist
In the staff list display page, you can set the staff as blacklisted people, blacklisted users are allowed to pass, but emails will be sent to the incoming mailbox. Note: After moving to the blacklist, all attendance records related to the current employee will be cleared.
Visitor list is used to manage employee information, such as view, add, edit, delete visitor information, etc.
4.2.1 Add visitor information
Operation steps.
 1) In the [Visitor List], click the "New" button to enter the visitor addition page.
 (2) fill in the person ID, name, gender, belonging to the group, cell phone number, ID card number, etc., add face recognition photos (up to three) and click "Save" to complete the visitor creation operation 
attendance management system using face recognition
4.2.2 Refresh visitor information
In [Visitor Management] right-click and select and click the "Refresh" button to refresh all visitor information in the list to the latest state. 
4.2.3 Visitor details and editing 
4.2.4 Delete visitors
4.2.5.Visitor authorization
4.2.6.Move to blacklist
4.2.7.Visitor QR code 
The purpose of the visitor QR code is: the owner adds the visitor in the system and authorizes to the device, generates a QR code from a link with the help of QR code generator, and then provides this QR code to the visitor, who scans the code to fill in the ID number and other information, and generates the visitor's exclusive QR code after checking the visitor's information, and the visitor can pass through this exclusive QR code in the device.
When creating a blacklist, you need to select the type of passage (prohibition of passage, passage warning), after setting to prohibition of passage, the blacklisted person will not be allowed to pass, after setting to passage warning, the blacklisted person will be allowed to pass but will send a warning email to the incoming mailbox
After creating a new blacklist user, you need to authorize to the device, such as pass type [pass warning], you need to set the alarm outgoing mailbox and incoming mailbox, please read the following steps for details. In the system->alarm settings, after turning on the blacklist alarm switch, the blacklisted personnel will automatically send emails to the incoming mailbox Note: You need to open the mail service settings first, please refer to the mail service settings
4.4. Palmprint management
Palmprint management is used to manage the palmprint information of employees and visitors, you can view the palmprint entry situation, the palmprint of the personnel to collect, send, and clear
4.5. Fingerprint Management
Fingerprint management is used to manage the fingerprint information of employees and visitors, you can view the fingerprint entry, the collection, distribution, and clearing of fingerprints of personnel
Attendance Management [Attendance Management] module is used to customize attendance rules, query and export attendance records of all personnel, attendance statistics and working hours statistics.
attendance management system using face recognition
If a company needs to use attendance system and wants to display attendance calculation, the following points need to be ensured. 
A: Attendance shifts are set in the system 
B: Personnel information opens attendance and selects attendance shift [select shift in personnel information] The source of data based on attendance is the access record of the equipment, if you have two equipment for attendance punching, set the access type of one equipment as "in", which is only used for work punching, and the access type of the other equipment as "out", which is only used for work punching. If you have two devices for time and attendance, set one device access type as "in", which is only used for clocking in and out, and the other device access type as "out", which is only used for clocking out, the calculated attendance data will be more accurate. If only one device is used for time clocking, you need to set the device access type to "no type", i.e. out/in type. The in/out type is a characteristic of the device, please change the setting in the device details page.
5.1. Attendance rules
Attendance rules are divided into shift setting, holiday setting, public holiday setting, attendance configuration, etc.
5.1.1 Shift settings
The main information contained in the shift is: shift name, shift period (start time ~ end time), overtime rules, etc. The shift display page is shown as follows; click the delete icon under the operation behind each column on the shift display page to delete the shift information in that column; select the box in front of multiple columns to delete the selected multiple shift information
⚫ Shift name: 1) You can customize it by entering Chinese, English, or numbers 
⚫ Shift settings: In the shift settings, you can choose how many times a day to go to and from work, up to three times a day, the first shift is shift 1, the second is shift 2, and the third is shift 3, and by default, each time you go to and from work, you need to punch in and calculate attendance, and the last time you leave work after 24:00 is automatically counted as the next day. Each shift time needs to be set according to the time order.
Overtime rules 1) You can manually input/select the required length of overtime work and the time point of leaving work on working days; 2) You can manually input the required length of overtime work and the time point of starting/ending work on public holidays/holidays
5.1.2. Holiday Settings
You can customize the time period of various holidays by clicking on the new holiday in the holiday setting, and delete the current holiday by clicking on the delete icon in the operation, and delete the selected multiple holidays by selecting the boxes in front of multiple columns.
5.1.3. Holiday settings
You can customize the time of various holidays by clicking on the New button in the Holiday settings, and delete the current holiday by clicking on the Delete icon in the Operation, and delete the selected holiday by selecting the box in front of multiple columns
5.1.4. Attendance configuration
Attendance configuration is used to set the employee's hourly rate, daily rate, pay multiplier for public holidays, pay multiplier for holidays, etc. The payroll in 5.4 Time Statistics
Time Statistics is calculated based on the payroll in the attendance configuration
5.1.5. Scheduling settings
Scheduling settings are used to set the daily attendance shifts of employees, and you need to select attendance when you create employees to use this setting.
Set up scheduling: click New button to open new scheduling settings, select staff or staff grouping (selecting staff grouping will schedule all staff in the group), work shift, and scheduling date (multiple choices are available), then click Save button to set up staff scheduling, after setting, staff attendance will be analyzed according to the scheduling shift rules, if not scheduled, it will be analyzed according to the attendance shift selected when creating staff.
5.2. Attendance records (save 120 days by default)
5.2.1 Attendance records list
[Attendance records] module includes query by time period / group query / employee name query / query by shift corresponding employee's attendance records, export query result list file to download to local
attendance management system using face recognition
5.2.2. Attendance analysis
Click the [Attendance analysis] button on the attendance record list page to select the time period for the attendance analysis of that time.
5.2.3. Attendance card replacement
Click the [Attendance card replacement] button on the attendance record list page to make up the card for the forgotten employee.
In the card replacement page, you need to select the employee, the card type (on-time card, off-time card) and the time you need to replace the card. After clicking submit button, the attendance record list will show the new attendance record after card replacement.
5.3. Attendance statistics
[Attendance statistics] module contains the statistics of normal/abnormal attendance and overtime hours on working days/off days/holidays as well as total working hours for all the time/specified range of employees can be queried or exported.
5.4. Working hours statistics
Working hours statistics means calculating the working hours of the employee today (daily statistics) and this month (monthly statistics) according to the employee's entry time and exit time, and calculating the salary
5.5 Presence statistics
5.6.Leave Management
The leave management part is used by employees, select the employee to create new leave information in this page, then the attendance status of the employee on the day of leave will be displayed as: "Leave".
6. Passage management
6.1.Access records
View all the identification records on the equipment, you can filter by equipment grouping and equipment. The data body temperature value is greater than or equal to the [abnormal temperature judgment value] configured by the temperature measurement parameters, red font is displayed, and less than green font is displayed.
Export: Click the "Export" button on the page to export the pass records in the system to your computer in .xls .xlsx or .csv file format.
6.2.Capture records
The capture record shows the face photos captured by the device, this page only shows the captured photos, and the device that captured the photos, and the capture time, you can query the captured photos by device name or time period.
6.3. Monitoring kanban
The monitoring kanban part is divided into intelligent kanban and temperature kanban. The smart kanban displays the graphical information of today's and the last seven days' in and out of the system, while the temperature kanban displays the graphical information related to temperature
6.3.1. Smart Signage
This page shows the graphical information of today's and the last seven days' incoming and outgoing people in the system.
6.3.2. Temperature Kanban Board
This board displays graphical information related to temperature, as shown in the following figure
6.4 . Access Control Management 
Access control management is mainly set for the device access time, the default all-day access, up to three time periods a day, the device configuration access control rules, in the time period outside the prohibition of passage
attendance management system using face recognition
6.4.1 . Holiday management 
This module is mainly for access control management holiday date settings, you can access control rules in the configuration of the holiday pass time
6.4.2 . Access control rules 
Set the passable time period for the specified week or holiday type, up to 3 time periods a day 
6.4.3 . Authorization information 
View access control rules Authorization status