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Application of face recognition in security field

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-11-11

Face recognition technology is a biometric technology produced with the development of technology. It is an intelligent recognition technology of the same nature as fingerprint and pupil recognition technology. Its working principle is to recognize the identity through the uniqueness of the face, and has a wide range of applications, such as: home smart anti-theft door locks, smart traffic management, public security management, etc., and have achieved good results.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Technology Information
Face recognition technology also has good technical advantages in the security field. The "uniqueness" of the working principle of face recognition technology can be used in the access control system, effectively avoiding security problems such as theft and loss of the "one card" prohibition. Proper use can achieve the effect of 1+1>2.
Defects in security monitoring
Video surveillance is a common manifestation of security systems. With the continuous development of technology, security systems have now achieved digital and intelligent development. The equipment used is constantly updated and their functions are becoming more complete. They are welcomed by the majority of the surveillance industry. However, as far as the application effect of the security system is concerned, the actual objects in the monitoring scene cannot be confirmed. In the entire monitoring scene, the characters are the main objects, which are the core of judging the monitoring scene. The monitoring of the characters triggers the alarm and through external links The sensor method judges the real objects in the scene, but it cannot effectively identify the changes in the activities of the characters in the video.
The current monitoring technology is extremely vulnerable to external factors, such as light intensity, distance, location, and physical size. Any element that fails to meet the standard will result in low quality of the monitoring image, which will affect the The determination of the objects in the monitoring will lose the meaning of monitoring.
Moreover, a single monitoring system cannot identify and confirm the true identity of the monitored object in the video. Based on the perspective analysis of the video monitoring system, the fundamental requirement of a continuous video sequence is to provide effective information for identifying the true identity of the monitored object. One requirement requires more in-depth research and technological development on existing technologies.
For the surveillance system, it needs to upload surveillance video to the security control center, and then analyze, identify and confirm a large number of video images. In this process, a lot of time and energy will not only be wasted, but the image of the surveillance video will be lost during the transmission process, which will increase the difficulty of the final video analysis.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Access Control Device
Face recognition and monitoring system
Application Classification
The application of face recognition technology to the security system can be divided into two modes: identity verification and identity recognition. First, identity verification: link the identity of the parties with the behavior that is taking place, determine whether the behavior is legal, complete the identification and judgment between different facial features, and determine a person as a legitimate person. Now face recognition technology has been effectively applied to the access control system, attendance system, education examination system and password system, etc., play a reliable role in identity verification, complete the verification of the target person's behavior authority, and record the target person's information.
Second, identity recognition: The facial image input by the system is compared with the facial image in the target database, and the identity information of the target facial image is confirmed. It can be applied to customs, airport and public security and other occasions and departments to effectively identify the identity of the person under investigation, and can effectively identify and confirm the information of wanted criminals, fugitives and terrorists.
Application feasibility
Face recognition technology can be said to be a high-end technology in the field of biometrics. In recent years, it has exerted excellent functionality in many fields. The face recognition technology is combined with the video security monitoring system to supplement and improve the defects of the previous security monitoring system. From a technical point of view, the principles used by face recognition technology and surveillance security systems are the same. The former is mainly based on facial feature line information for recognition, and the latter is based on the judgment of video stream information. The integration of the two can achieve better The functional effect. The face recognition technology is embedded in the security monitoring system to effectively extract the facial biometrics in the video, and through the comparison with the face information in the database, the security of the security system can be further improved to achieve better security effects.
Application direction of face recognition technology in security
Character comparison
The person information is compared through the distributed system architecture. The video information is collected through the camera first, and the result is transmitted to the server, and then the face information in the blacklist library in the surveillance video is compared through the face recognition technology. If the comparison results are consistent and the information conditions are met, the system will issue an early warning to the management personnel, notify the police on duty to dispatch the police to deal with, and arrest the offenders. Therefore, this type of security system can be applied to public security, airport banking, stations, subways and other occasions.
Access control system
With the improvement of people's quality of life and the continuous improvement of personal safety awareness, various access control systems have emerged to further improve the safety of people's living environment. The key to the design and application of face recognition access control system is to use the professions and equipment set at the door to recognize the faces of people entering the community, and compare the collected facial feature information with the information stored in the access control controller And analysis, the device performs fast automatic identification. And use the local area network and the network to transmit the facial information to the control center. Once the comparison fails and the abnormality is found, it can quickly respond to the early warning and start the visiting relationship information system. At the same time, the access control system is equipped with a call button, which is convenient for the flexible setting of the working methods of visitors, improves the adaptability and application effect of the system, and improves the comprehensive effect of system application.
HFSecurity RA08T Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control
The security system plays an important role in improving the safety of the social environment, but there are still major shortcomings in the previous system design. On this basis, the face recognition technology is applied to it, and the two are effectively combined to improve the original security system function. Make improvements and supplements.
By collecting, identifying, and comparing facial feature information in surveillance videos, the legitimacy of the surveillance object is determined, and the security effect of system application is further improved.
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