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Apple added facial recognition? profession?

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-16

In early 2016, a low threshold facial recognition technology patents invented fruit is approved by the US Patent Office. It is reported that Apple's patent on the employee attendance software front camera to capture an image, then the image analysis and processing. Face recognition technology with the traditional difference is that Apple will not carry out all the details of image analysis, but only a large part of the identification information of the face, and other such as the eyes, nose and mouth, which is the Apple technology "low threshold "Foundation.

Apple's reputation in the electronic products, but also in terms of new biometric entry, technology finger reading needs to be improved, but it can be seen Biometrics acl access control list is the future trend of development, the industry expects the next five years, the global biometrics industry will be will be the annual growth rate of 20.8%, to reach $ 23.3 billion industrial scale. Currently biometric fingerprint identification is currently the most widely used of a class, face and iris is constantly growing.

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