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Analysis of the difficulty of applying biometrics in the field of security

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-02-11

Biometric technology uses human body's inherent physiological and behavioral characteristics for identification. Human characteristics have the unique and irreproducible inherentness of the human body, the key cannot be copied, and it is not easy to forget, forge or be stolen. advantage.
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So what do people need to focus on for biometric products? First of all, it must be the security of the system, including the false acceptance rate (FAR) and the false rejection rate (FRR). Secondly, it is the convenience of use, including the convenience of operation, the speed of information extraction and identification, and the adaptability of the product to the environment and human body. Then there is whether the system has rich interfaces, what is the storage capacity, whether it can be integrated with other access control systems and so on. In addition, product prices are also the focus of attention. It can be seen that the following factors affect the widespread application of biometrics.
High price cost
The diversified application of biometric technology has brought new space to the commercialization of biometric technology. However, no matter whether it is a widely used fingerprint recognition product or a face, iris, vein recognition product, the high price has become a barrier to their rapid development. Access control only needs more than 1,000 yuan, and a three-fold price gap has affected the large-scale application of face recognition technology.
Earlier this year, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of the complete signal chain solution TMS3230C5515 fingerprint development kit for only $ 79, which can easily integrate fingerprint biometric features and reduce time to market. The development kit can be used to create a variety of portable applications, including physical access control products (electronic door locks and safes, etc.), USB smart keys and storage devices, PC user identification, and attendance monitoring systems. Reducing the price of biometric products from the source of the chip will play a positive role in promoting the widespread commercialization of biometric products. Let expensive become the past, parity is the last word.
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Errors come and go
Based on different technical diagnosis and application, different biometrics also differ in accuracy. Overall, the accuracy of iris, retina, and fingerprint recognition is high, while the accuracy of palmprint, signature, voice, and facial recognition technologies is slightly lower. Customers can choose according to specific application needs. As far as the current level of biometrics technology is concerned, in the 1: 1 mode, the FAR (misrecognition rate) can be controlled below one millionth, and in the 1: N mode, its FAR will increase linearly with the database capacity. With the continuous advancement of technology, the technical parameters such as the recognition time, false rejection rate (false rejection rate), false acceptance rate, and number of users of biometric products are relatively close. These parameters directly affect the accuracy and convenience of the system.
Such as face recognition, because the face technology has just entered the product introduction period, product performance is not particularly stable, especially for very light requirements, too bright or too dark will seriously affect the use of the effect. In addition, over time, people will become fatter or thinner, and hair longer or shorter will affect recognition.
Identify speed and storage capacity
This is also an important aspect valued in the field of biometrics. It is impossible for users to endure the long wait for entering a door safely and reliably. Under the premise of ensuring reliability, accuracy, and security, the faster the recognition, the better, which is beyond doubt.
At present, a fingerprint reader can store up to about 5,000 fingerprint identification information, and once the amount of information exceeds 1,000, its response speed is already very slow, and some may even be more than ten seconds. As far as iris is concerned, when the number of users reaches 2,500, the response speed will not exceed 2 seconds. This data is very amazing in this field.
Ease of operation
Commercialization of biometric technology needs to be presented in specific product forms. How the product is designed and whether it is easy to operate has also become one of the factors in the development of biometric products.
Often when selecting biometric products, the system can provide rich external interfaces to meet various application requirements. For example, the palmtop meter can be regarded as a fully functional access control all-in-one machine. Stand-alone offline can realize functions including electric lock control, exit button, alarm access, on-site alarm output and user management, time zone control, duress alarm and other functions.
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At the same time, it is also hoped that biometric products should be able to provide clear text and sound prompts, operation process guidance, and a friendly human-machine interface. Product design should be as user-friendly as possible, so as to improve user acceptance under the premise of convenient use.
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