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All in one Biometric Tablet Terminal Solution

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-06-29

Biometric tablet terminals are a unique and reliable way to identify and verify people. This device can be used for citizen ranking, voter verification, election, as an artifact for border management, and also as a terminal device for ID document issuance, access control and attendance integration.

HF-FP08 all-in-one multi-modal biometric intelligent terminal device solution  can be said to be the best choice 

HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet

All-in-one design

This new full-featured 8-inch all-in-one biometric tablet device inforced tablet features 4 types of biometrics (face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and voice print) for high-precision biometric capture and matching anytime, anywhere.
Card reader adopts ISO/IEEC1443,Type A&B, 13.56Mz are perfectly compatible with support.
The fingerprint device adopts TCS1 international standard, and the FBI fingerprint head is optional, the image standard can reach 508 DPI, the image resolution can reach 256*360pixels. The image area is 18.00mm*12.80mm

Advanced configuration

FP08 mobile biometric tablet  adopts android 9.0 version system, 8-core processor, MTK solution, multi-point touch screen, even if you are with gloves or bare hands, can be well operated, flexible operation.
The front camera is 2.0 MP and the rear camera is 13.0 MP super high. Even in the case of low light shooting can be very good operation. Printing, NFC, passport scanning and other functions can also be added
FP08 is a rugged biometric intelligent terminal biometric attendance system with tablet , 1.5m drop, dustproof, waterproof. It has reached IP65 rating. 1000mAh battery capacity, can reach 1 week of standby time, can achieve long time field work and standby use. Using the DV 12V interface, TYPE C transmission interface, but also supports OTG function.
Fingerprint Scanner Demo is available for secondary development and can be used to further customize the application.

Applications in multiple project environments

The FP08 rugged biometric android tablet is used in a variety of applications, such as banking projects, agricultural projects, medical projects. Time and attendance management, payroll management.
Imagine how cool it would be if you could use your Android phone for your biometric projects? You could take it anywhere you want and perform remote biometric enrollment and identification in the field.  
HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet
I'm sure you've thought about this many times, but don't know how to go about it. Would you believe me if I said it's super easy? You can scan biometrics on an Android device from any location where you want to enroll and identify someone. Here's how you can make it happen.
Why use an Android phone as a biometric device
The answer is simple. You need an Android phone because it's easy to carry around. It's flexible and you can use it anywhere you want. The operating system is very versatile, so it's easy to use for any biometric enrollment and identification project. If you want to learn more about Android phones as biometric devices, send us a message to contact us
Android mobile devices
 Not all Android phones can perform a biometric scan to enroll or identify someone. This is primarily due to the lack of access provided by the Android operating system, as well as the lack of compatibility between different biometric sensors used by different manufacturers and the quality requirements of your matching engine. In addition, the regular fingerprint sensors in today's smartphones are only suitable for unlocking the phone. However, to perform complex biometric enrollment and identify someone from your database, you will need a specific Android phone with a high quality biometric scanner that can save biometric data as required by your matching engine.
HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet
Biometric applications
Now that you have a device to perform your biometric enrollment project, it's time to get an app for it. Don't worry; you don't need to hire any application developers for this. No coding knowledge is required to implement it. It is a codeless application building platform. With this platform, you can make your own custom application according to your project needs. You don't need to worry about integrating biometrics with your application, the Fingerprint scanner FP demo has biometric functionality out of the box. Once you are done building the application (which won't take much time), you will be ready for your biometric project.
I already have the application
If you already have an application without biometrics, then this step is for you. You need to integrate biometrics with your application - subscribe to the Fingerprint scanner FP demo biometric API. this will make your task very easy. It takes only a few hours to connect to the biometric API. fingerprint scanner FP demo is a multi-mode matching engine. It supports fingerprint, finger vein, face and iris recognition. It is highly scalable, which means you can scale up or down as often as needed. The application connects to the Fingerprint scanner FP demo and performs fast and reliable 1:N biometric recognition using your Android mobile device.
HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet
Get the right mobile biometric solution
7 tips from the experts in rugged hardware solutions!
  • Biometric solutions are built for your future and current needs.
This is the biggest struggle our customers have with other mobile biometric solutions - they are stuck with the software and hardware they purchase. In an ever-changing world, upgrades and modifications are inevitable. Too many specialized biometric units simply can't be changed
Not only are our platforms software-friendly for secondary development, but their hardware is designed for quick and easy modification. For example, buy one of our FP08 or FP05 biometric identification tablet now and if in two years you want to add a smart card or magnetic stripe reader, that's no problem. Upgrading from the FAP20 to the FAP45 fingerprint scanner? Very simple and free
  • There are multiple options for commercial off-the-shelf products.
Too many people think they can't get what they need off the shelf. They waste time and money designing, building and manufacturing products.
For 15 years, we've been customizing solutions, many of which have become standard products. Our mobile devices have options such as passport scanners, bio-flat printing devices and more. In addition, HFSecurity makes it easy to customize mobile biometric solutions by developing them to fit your needs. SDKs are provided to facilitate application development. Typically, the SDK is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux.
HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet
  • Put your brand new idea on a proven device.
You have a great idea and you want to get it to market now. Many developers build from scratch, which is often unnecessary, expensive and unmarketable. Agency buyers such as the Department of Defense need proven platforms. Even if they like your proprietary hardware, devices, sensors or peripherals, they don't want to buy a lot of new, untested equipment.
Our "Build Your Own Module" program allows you to integrate your proprietary technology into a secure module that can be quickly connected to our platform. Not only do you save development time and expense, you gain the credibility of a platform that has been tested in the real world.
  • Let you buy only what you need.
We've been building customizable solutions for over 315 years, so our platform is designed to be easily modified.
Many buyers request changes to biometric mobile solutions based on end-user feedback. Developers find they need to pay expensive non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs for each change as well as purchase minimum order quantities (MOQs) of hundreds or even thousands of units. This makes it impossible to repeat the development process.
Build biometric solutions that minimize size, weight, power and cost
Buyers want slim, lightweight devices that can be used throughout the workday without breaking the bank. No matter how good your solution is, if it's bulky, expensive and power hungry, no one will want it.
HFSecurity 8 inch biometric tablet
  • Built to be a truly robust biometric solution.
Ruggedness saves money in terms of lost work time, replacement costs and maintenance expenses. For law enforcement and military applications, reliable operation in extremely harsh environments is often a matter of life and death.

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