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Access control with three gates

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-18

Sanza machine us everywhere, for the channel, Fingerprint Terminal Electronic in the subway, train and bus stations, bus stations, etc. can be seen. We usually see fingerprint attendance only in the three turns of the credit card machine!
Now a combination of access control, greatly improving the safety! Below is Sanza binding machine and the access control example of FIG. This figure of access control fingerprint access control machines, as long as the good management of the registered fingerprint, you can use a fingerprint made out of the car. The principle and access the same machine is equivalent to three turns lock function, when a fingerprint access control unit receives this command, it will be sent to the controller, the controller Sanza machine inside, the controller will send a signal to unlock to Sanza machine, just make a fingerprint, this opened, you can access the. This will not only improve safety, but also to prevent the punch when the card is lost. Such use is subject to the customer's favorite!

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