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8 benefits of using biometric fingerprint Scanner for PC

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-07-14

The application of fingerprint scanner is common in the world. Its maturity and perfection have made many countries accept and use it. In the field of biometrics, the status of fingerprint scanners has become unshakable and has become one of the most popular biometrics. Fingerprint scanners are deployed in many fields, such as government personnel data, bank personnel information, national government voting projects, simple company attendance projects, etc.
The fingerprint scanner can be used in large-scale projects, and it can also be used in our lives. It can be used with mobile phones or computers. Fingerprint scanners have many advantages such as cheap price, simple system, and fast recognition speed. Therefore, they are used by many companies and personnel to protect their personal information from being stolen or leaked. The use of fingerprint scanner solves the situation of forgetting the password and unable to unlock, solves the situation of losing the key and unable to open the door, and solves the situation of losing information and losing profits.
Like Apple, Huawei and other leading technologies, their fingerprint recognition technology has not only existed on mobile phones, they also started to look like computers. We found that some computers have a built-in fingerprint scanner module. In this case, the notebook can be used as a simple biometric reader for fingerprint reading. At this time, only one Windows usb is required to be combined with it, namely Can be authenticated. We spent very little money, but security was guaranteed.
fingerprint Scanner in Nigeria Tax Registration
8 benefits of using biometric fingerprint Scanner for PC:
Security: According to reports, about 2 billion records have been lost and stolen, and so much data has been stolen only for half a year. Reasons for being stolen or lost The password we set is too simple and can be easily used by people who want to use it. If the password is lost and picked up by others, a series of losses will occur.
Compared with passwords, biometric fingerprint scanning has a high degree of security and comfort. Because each person's biological feature points are unique, there can be no state where these feature points are copied or used.
Fast: Fingerprint scanner is one of the most accurate biometric methods. Recognition takes only a few seconds.
Uniqueness: Everyone's fingerprint is quite fixed, it is difficult to change, to ensure the uniqueness of biometrics.
Accuracy: Biometric fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and their complexity is sufficient to provide features for identification.
Exploitability: Biometric fingerprints are easy to obtain fingerprint samples, easy to develop identification systems, and practical.
Storage: The template (sample) of the biometric fingerprint is not a fingerprint, but the key features extracted from the fingerprint. In this way, the storage capacity of the stored fingerprint template is smaller than that of the stored fingerprint image.
Price: The fingerprint collection head can be more compact, and the price will be more low.
Practicality: Even if you forget to bring the key, the password is lost or you don’t remember, you only need to swipe your fingerprint to solve your problem. Convenient and simple.
HF7000 Free SDK Fingerprint Scanner for PC
HF7000 SDK Fingerprint Scanner for PC
1. Free SDK is available for secondary development.
2. Successfully matched Nigeria, Pakistan and other national databases.
3. The data confidentiality of FBI certification is safe and reliable.
4. Equipped with Windows, Linux SDK, fully equipped.
Biometric fingerprints bring great convenience to our lives, ensure the security of our data, and improve the quality of life. If you have any questions about biological characteristics, please send us an email. Thank you.