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8 Things to Know About Facial Recognition Systems

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-09-16

HFSecurity 8 inch Android Facial Recognition Ststem
 Facial recognition systems are now gradually appearing in people’s lives. You may find 
that this facial recognition application is particularly powerful when watching a certain       
technology blockbuster; or you may find that this facial system is so "weird" in a thriller      
blockbuster. .Of course, this weirdness only fits this movie. In addition to what we can find 
in movies and  TV, facial recognition systems have been widely used in our surroundings.
In the CBD commercial street, facial systems are used to record personnel, attendance,
and check in.
Let me introduce you to 8 knowledge points about android facial recognition system:
1. The technology of chian facial recognition system adopts biometric technology
One of the key features of facial recognition equipment is that it uses human faces in
biometric technology to detect faces. The AI ​​algorithm of the facial recognition system
is becoming more and more mature. It can detect dynamic feature points in the crowd,
and the detection and recognition is lower than 1S. This algorithm is programmed as a
detection package in the algorithm. Using the detection package, it can be integrated
in the device, using the facial database of the detection package to achieve the function
of facial recognition matching.
RA08T 8 inch dynamic facial recognition device
It uses a mature AI facial algorithm, dynamic live body detection, can detect dynamic
crowds, and 5 people recognition. Recognition time 0.7S.
HFSecurity Dynamic FACe Recognition System
2. Devices that use facial recognition systems can improve security
Using facial recognition systems in private or public areas can be your space and the
area becomes more secure. We only need to set the personnel we allow to enter in
the software, and unauthorized personnel are not allowed to enter, which protects
the safety of individuals and companies. This is a very good choice for the company.
It is easy to operate, efficient in personnel management and safe.
3. Facial recognition system is used in rich places
Singapore uses the facial recognition system as a security system, but the
application of facial recognition equipment is not only a security system,
like airports, it is used to detect and record facial information. Hospitals,
companies, supermarkets, etc. are all involved.
4. Facial recognition system with smart devices
Some smart phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi use facial
recognition technology to enable users to manage their mobile phones.
After facial information is set on the device, people who have not set
the facial information cannot use the mobile phone. The addition of this
technology makes people now The use of smart devices has become more
convenient, and the security has also become higher.
5. Facial recognition supports mask recognition
In the registered person information, even if the person wears a mask, or
a hat, glasses, etc., the facial recognition system can still recognize the
person's facial recognition. Because this device uses surveillance face
recognition cameras, these cameras program your facial information
into a series of specific codes through some programming. These codes
represent the person’s facial information, and each person’s code is
different. So the device can identify the person's facial information
based on this unique code.
Face recognition supports mask recognition
6. Facial recognition time attendance cloud software
The facial recognition system is equipped with its own time and
attendance software. This software can record the attendance system
of each registered person, can record the punch-in information of each
employee, and can set up shift information on the system. According to
the schedule and attendance table, each employee's salary table is
counted, saving a lot of human resources, and these reports can be
downloaded for backup.
RA08T Face Recognition Software Free
face recognition software free
7. Facial recognition access control system
RA08T facial recognition equipment has an access control function and can be
used in conjunction with three gates as an access control system.
8. Facial recognition temperature detection
Facial recognition equipment combines AI facial recognition algorithm and
temperature algorithm very well. It can also recognize the temperature of
the personnel while ensuring personnel registration.
In a hospital in Italy, we have already used our RA08T facial recognition
temperature measurement device. At the entrance of the hospital, set
the RA08T to pass the detection, so that the temperature can be detected
on the people coming and going, avoiding multiple times between people
Contact reduces the chance of infection.
The RA08T facial recognition temperature measurement device is the
most sold device for Huifan Technology, and it is also a device that can
meet various places. If you are interested, please contact us.
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