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8 Benefits of Biometric Face Recognition For Tracking Attendance

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-12-14

8 advantages of face recognition biometric technology
What are the benefits of using biometric technology to track attendance?
1. Automatic time tracking system
2. Error-free attendance tracking
3. Extensive security
4. Reduce infection
5. cut costs
6. Eliminate time theft
7. Reduce incidents of friend punching
8. Easy operation
The facial recognition attendance system uses biometric technology and performs identity verification based on the person's facial features. In simpler terms, a facial database with employee information can identify when an employee enters a building or enters a specific area of ​​the building.
Fingerprint and facial biometric technologies are becoming more and more popular with enterprises due to the reliable results they produce. From easy integration to automated, error-free employee attendance tracking, these are some of the reasons you should consider implementing facial biometrics in your system.
RA08T HFSecurity Face Recognition with4G function
Automatic time tracking system
The automation of time tracking means that no personnel are required to monitor the system during working hours. The system has registered clock entry and exit as well as employees’ purposeful visits to certain areas of the office. It simplifies time tracking using facial recognition, and reports attendance, absences, and the passage of time through facial features or the recognition process. The speed and accuracy of registration enable the company to effectively automate other parts of the business, such as salary and bonus calculations.
Error-free time and attendance tracking
A man sneaked into the office
The use of biometric identification systems can reduce labor costs. It is a solution to many frauds, friend punching and human errors. The tracking system allows you to spot employees who are dishonest about their time of entry and exit. By quickly and accurately identifying the tracking system, human error can be eliminated. Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, erroneous input timeouts and timeout issues are eliminated.
RA08T Face Recognition with HDMI Function
Extensive security
In addition to accurately identifying employees' attendance, biometric technology also allows you to track visitors. Since the system only recognizes facial features registered in the employee's facial database, the intruder will not be able to access the building's house. If such a breach occurs, the facial recognition system can provide important evidence for security investigations. It can provide you with scanned images of places where intruders can enter.
Reduce infection
Close-up of finger entering biometric system
Traditional attendance tracking systems require physical intervention. Sick employees touching biometric recognition machines with dirty hands can also cause many others to be infected. With the advancement of this technology, the onset of disease has been eliminated.
Since the biometric facial recognition system can scan the images of employees without any physical contact, it can eliminate infectious diseases such as colds and viruses. The ease of use of the system makes it possible to scan and identify employees without scanning the surface of the system.
RA08T Face recognition device
Cut costs
Once the biometric verification system is integrated, no additional funds are required. It can greatly reduce the upfront and investment costs, and prevent losses due to fraud and incidents such as illegal entry. The benefits of cost reduction alone have already saved money, which has brought profit to the company.
Eliminates time theft
A person who looks scary, whose face recognition is scanning his face
The digital audit record of the biometric facial recognition system cannot be changed unless the main software is accessed. The proof of working hours can only be viewed through software integrated into the company's attendance database. In this way, employees cannot change the time they go to work or leave work. Instead, the number of hours they spend on overtime is also controlled by the system.
Reduce friend punching incidents
Hole punching is common in offices. Of course, office partners can naturally prevent colleagues from receiving late and absent notices. With a biometric facial recognition system, partners will not be able to use their own faces to punch holes for others. The only way for employees to avoid being late is to arrive at the office on time.
Easy operation
The biometric facial recognition system allows employees to go to work without personally putting down their personal belongings. They just need to stand in front of the device and wait to be recognized. Once the system recognizes their facial features, it immediately records their attendance. Make it easy for your employees to record their attendance and entry to the premises without intervention.
Using a biometric system or facial recognition attendance system, time and attendance tracking can be easier. Usually, it draws facial features from photos or videos based on an employee information database. The system can be applied to a variety of business needs. From monitoring to the most important thing is to track employee attendance.
Migrate your system to an automatic facial recognition system to gain advantages that can significantly increase overall productivity and reduce costs. More advanced approaches can be adopted, which eliminates the need for manual input or clock input and physical contact biometric presence.
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