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7 Surprising Biometric Identification Methods

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Biometrics has long been put forth as the next big thing in authentication, replacing or supplementing the concept of "things that you know"—passwords, PINs, and so on—with "things that you are." But despite lots of advances in the realm of biometric authentication, it's clear that there's still plenty of room for improvement.
While you may be familiar with security that employs fingerprints, voice, and retinas, we're guessing at least a few of these biometric authentication methods under development will surprise you.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Ear Ear 
Startup Descartes Biometrics has come up with an app that can identify smartphone users by the way they press their phone to their ear and cheek—though its less-than-consistent recognition means that perhaps this particular app isn't yet ready for prime time.
Follow Your Heart 
The Nymi is an in-development wristband that takes an electrocardiogram (ECG)—measuring the electrical signal generated by your heart's activity—and uses it to authenticate your identity.
Butt Biometrics
The way you sit—can be used to identify you.
The Eye (Movements) Have It
An Israeli company wants to use the unique movements of your eyes to identify you.
The Nose Knows 
Not only is your olfactory organ good for smelling, but British researchers have established that it's also a handy way to tell you apart from your neighbor.
You're So Vein
 Vein matching, can also use a finger or a palm, but provides a few additional benefits—most notably that the veins must be from a living person in order to work, and that they're very hard to fake.
The Sniff Test
Researchers at the Polytechnical University of Madrid have studied how scents differ among people and built an artificial nose, which they say can differentiate between two people by their smell, like a bloodhound.