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6 biometric verification schemes that companies should consider

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-01-04

Biometric verification methods that every company should consider

Today, you can find any method of biometric verification anywhere. According to the latest statistics, by 2021, about 99% of smartphones in the United States will enable biometrics. With this kind of attention, enterprise-level biometrics is helping companies to ensure interaction and interaction with employees and customers.
Although this technology has been used to detect fraud and reduce instances of identity theft, more and more companies are adopting this technology. Mastercard announced in early April that it plans to identify customers through biometric technology to satisfy the consumer experience and provide the safest transactions.
However, the technology is gradually accelerating, and its affordability is within the budget of small and medium enterprises (SMB). Given that cybercrimes affecting SMEs have increased from 45% to 61% during 2018-2019, it is time for companies to start considering the following biometric methods to ensure safety.

Biometric verification method


1. Face recognition

Facial recognition was initially regarded as an unreliable technology, and it has become an important part of the security system, and it has been increasingly used in large and small enterprises. This technology is suitable for recognizing facial features through photos, videos and even real-time.
For example, companies that want to protect the identities of their employees and customers can use facial recognition devices, which not only provide high-quality facial image sensing, but are also very intuitive and fast.
Huifan facial recognition device

2. Iris recognition

The name of the iris recognition system is very simple. It scans the eye with infrared light and detects the unique pattern of the iris, and then converts it into a pixel form for identification and verification.
The best part of this technology is that it is used as a foolproof safety measure and is not affected by glasses or contact lenses. Compared with fingerprints, iris recognition provides a more convenient method of biometric identification due to its obviousness, flatness, texture and predictability.
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3. Voice recognition

No matter how similar the two sounds sound, the biometric recognition system will recognize and process the individual's tone and determine the correct tone.
If two employees of a web design company in Dallas have the same voice, the system can use smart criteria to match the voice in its record and identify the two as separate people.
Voice Recognition

4. Palm recognition

Like ordinary fingerprints, the size and shape of the palm is also unique and can also be used as a security measure. It scans fingers and the entire palm for patterns, such as impressions and touches, which can be used to contrast one hand with the other.
However, for business purposes, it is best to ensure the identity of the associated individual. If the relevant personnel engage in heavy labor and change their palm structure, major difficulties will arise.

5. Microchip implants

Inserting a chip under the skin for identification seems to be a futuristic idea, but it is a promising security method that can end identity theft and security credential theft. Strictly speaking, this is not a strict biometric process, but microchips are the safest security method.
The microchip inserted into the skin can be programmed to transmit a safety signal when in the vicinity of the detector. When this technology is in the initial stages of the movement from science fiction to reality, the Swedish railway company Statens Järnvägar has allowed its passengers to use implanted chips instead of tickets.

6. Vein detection

If it is difficult to recognize fingerprints and handprints due to hard work, the vein reader can accurately identify the person using its non-invasive technology. It captures images of vein patterns inside the finger, which cannot be reverse engineered, copied or even copied.
Fingers can pass the infrared light absorbed by the hemoglobin in the vein without touching the device to create the pattern recorded on the CCD camera. It is not only advanced, but also a valuable and cheap choice for the companies there.
HFSecurity face recognition device
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