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6 Benefits of a Good Time and Attendance System

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-01-21

6 Benefits of a Good Time and Attendance System

If you are a business manager, you need to regard the attendance system as an important part of labor management. It is beneficial to employers because of improved time records. But... it is also good for employees, because it ensures that they are properly paid.
1. What is the attendance system?
Attendance system is a clock or cloud-based solution that can collect employee information:
Working hours, including the start and end time of the shift
  • Rest and meal time
  • off day
  • The tasks and productivity of each department.
Depending on the nature of the software used, these data can be automatically recorded.
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2. Type of attendance system

You can track and calculate employee attendance in many ways.
  • Manual clock or punch clock-very common in the 20th century. Workers must use the time card every time they participate in work. Punch holes in the card of the machine, and print a time stamp with the date and hour on the machine. On this basis, the timetable was calculated.
  • Automated Time Attendance Software-a fully automated solution that enables employees to track their working hours through any device. Collect all the data and send it directly to the timetable, which makes time management easier and faster.

3. Track time and attendance

When small businesses are trying to grow and innovate quickly, the smartest way is to use online time and attendance software. The fact is that wise companies succeed when strategy involves investing in tools that not only enhance internal business activities and customer-facing interactions, but also increase the productivity of internal employees instead of having no employees.
Using employee time tracking software such as zistemo is a good way. It can ensure that your team performs well. You can see who is working on what projects and tasks in real time. You can check who is on holiday or lunch time. Compared to spreadsheets or complex and expensive solutions designed for large enterprises, this software is a better choice. Business owners with a time and attendance system can closely monitor the efficiency of their employees and improve team management in the cloud!
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4. 6 benefits of attendance software for everyone

Modern attendance system
  • Simplify payroll
One of the most annoying tasks for any employer is to track employee time. Today, time tracking software makes this job easier. The software can help companies pay close attention to the time employees spend on certain tasks, thereby reducing the burden of lengthy payroll preparation.
  • Avoid tax and welfare issues
In addition to ensuring that employees are properly paid, using this software together with the payroll system can also reduce potential errors in tax returns. Moreover, because many employee benefits (for example, vacation and overtime) are tied to one hour of working time, automated systems are essential to improve the efficiency of human resource management.
  • Litigation prevention
According to an editorial on, the electronic record of employee time provided by the software allows you to provide evidence that you paid workers during working hours. In addition, when conducting safety audits, employers will be more conducive to proving that they have the right combination of employees and the number of people on site at the right time.
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
When trying to adopt a new system, you may encounter initial resistance from employees. Therefore, it is important to choose software that is easy to use for everyone in the company. It will also assure workers that a more efficient system can be used to calculate their wages (reduce human error calculations)
  • Increase equality
For workers, the extreme provocation is when they work on time all day and work hard all day – only later realized that other attentive employees, in fact, after a long lunch, after being late and before time to leave Stop eating Scotch. This may result in low morale among employees who work hard and comply with company laws, and if left unattended, a cheating culture may develop over time. Of course, this also frustrates employers! However, it is difficult to monitor all your daily visits.
6. Track projects and tasks
You can also use time tracking software to find out the execution of certain projects and responsibilities. For example, if you realize that a specific task usually takes two to three hours to complete, and a worker spends five hours, then this will indicate a problem. You can involve employees and find out if they need further training to simplify the project. You can be aware of whether someone has delayed part of the project or the materials needed to complete the task. Using the records in the system will warn employers about potential frustrations that need to be resolved. You can identify these problems in the initial stages of the project, which will waste time to achieve company goals.

7. Everyone is a beneficiary of the software

As mentioned earlier, smart time attendance software will not benefit employers simply because it improves time records. When workers and customers realize the benefits of benefits, they are more likely to adopt the new system seriously. In the course of action, the earlier an employer engages its employees and customers, the more likely it will benefit all parties involved. The result-easier and smoother implementation. You will more quickly realize the time and cost savings of the new system.

8. in conclusion

If you are considering using smart attendance software, there is some good news. HFSecurity is the exact time tracking system you are looking for! In your financial plan. In HFSecuirty, you can obtain greater prospects and the ability to negotiate to obtain genuine software that suits your business needs.

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