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56% of UK Customers Prefer Biometric Banking

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Fingerprint Identification Device ManufacturerFingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Equifax has published new research that found that 56 percent of UK consumers would prefer to use biometric authentication over traditional options like passwords to access their financial accounts online, according to a report by Information Age.

In an online survey conducted through YouGov, Equifax found that 33 percent of UK consumers prefer to use fingerprint recognition as an authentication method to log into their accounts, followed by iris scanners (13 percent), facial recognition (7 percent), and voice recognition (3 percent).

The study’s results also indicates the technology that is currently available to consumers does not reflect their preferences.

As an alternative, consumers are turning to authentication technologies such as biometrics to provide them with additional security and seamless access to their financial accounts.