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5 tips on how to buy an attendance system|HFSecurity

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-03-05

1. 5 tips for buying an attendance system

Finding the correct Time Attendance Machine Biometric Fingerprint recognition Scanner system that suits your needs can be difficult. This provides some help for you to find the right solution.
There are many attendance systems there to meet various needs. Trying to find a system that suits your needs can be a bit daunting, and ensuring that the high-quality products you buy will continue to serve you for years to come, like walking a tightrope in the dark.
HFSecurity RA08 Face Time Attendance with access control device
We have compiled 5 tips for purchasing an attendance system, hoping to help you ensure that it fully meets your requirements.
  • Bottleneck problem
When arranging employees to go to work or leave work, a bottleneck problem that is often overlooked is bottleneck problem. If you have a large number of employees trying to use the clock machine at the same time (for example, during lunch break or log out of the system at the end of the day), you will need a very fast clock machine. Consider that it takes about 6 to 8 seconds for an individual to time on a biometric fingerprint scanner or manual scanner. If you have 50 employees all trying to use the terminal at the same time, it will take 5 to 7 minutes for everyone to log out. If there are 100 employees, it will be ten minutes or more! As a result, employees may be paid more than they deserve, and become increasingly impatient and stressed. Now consider that an approaching terminal only takes one or two seconds to complete timing. You can get the entire workforce out of trouble in just a few minutes. Do you need to consider bottlenecks?
  • Is it as easy as A.B.C?
The terminal is powerful, high-quality and durable, and the software is powerful and has many functions. great! However, if the system is not easy to use, it means nothing. The Biometric Access Control time attendance system is only as good as its software, and more importantly, so is its user interface. You need an intuitive and easy-to-use system. If you have to browse through a few menus, there are a lot of strange clicks and changes everywhere, and all the information is not easily accessible, then it will be difficult for you to use all the functions of the "attendance" system. Get a demonstration of the system, ask many questions, and make sure to get an easy-to-understand system.
HFSecurity A5 face recognition time attendance device
  • Adaptability and flexibility
The system is easy to use, your terminal will not cause any bottlenecks, and everything is fine. However, the clock system is not just a one-time purchase. This is an investment, and you want the system to last at least a few years. During this period, the company is most likely to change. More employees are hired, working hours are changed, entirely new policies (such as implementing Flexitime or T.O.I.L) may be introduced, or work such as access control becomes a top priority. The attendance system should have enough adaptability and flexibility to adapt to any of your views on the future. If you need to implement a new terminal or increase the number of employees on the system, then you need a well-supported system. A decent attendance provider should be able to cope with these changes easily. Make sure that the questions asked are all related to technical support and future development. This is an idea for you; do you need to reduce the number of employees on the system? Is the attendance system you choose possible?
  • Reliable and reliable system
Ideally, the time and attendance system will keep all your T&A records and data for many years. This can include, but is not limited to, time of entry and exit, sickness, absence, lateness, accrued leave, vacation entitlements, rework interview records, abnormal alarms, deviations from normal working hours, etc. This is not the data you want to lose! Ensure that the attendance system can be backed up regularly and is reliable enough that a power outage at the wrong moment will not destroy years of data! If something goes wrong, can you get support quickly? Is this a visit by a technician, remote support, or additional parts for the damaged terminal? Everything has two sides, good and bad, but we have to plan for the worst!
  • Cost-effective solution
Everything must be returned to the root, it is the cost at all!  But don’t fall into the trap of cheap=best. As mentioned earlier, the time and attendance system is an investment; you are looking for a system that can last for many years. If you decide to buy a system at a cheaper price, but later find that it cannot meet your needs, or it fails within a year or two, then you are looking to the future. Stress, headaches and money loss on systems that are not suitable for you. Obviously, you want to solve the problem in the first place. The quality system will last for many years, usually ten years or more. When you realize that a system with a 10-year ownership system costs 8,000 pounds, the cost is only 800 pounds a year, or 15.39 pounds per week, this huge number does not seem so intimidating. Remember, this is an investment, so make sure you get a suitable, easy-to-use, adaptable, flexible, trustworthy, reliable and cost-effective solution! You will thank yourself later.
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