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5 questions related to your company's attendance system

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-03-01

5 questions about your time attendance system

Thinking of automating your time and attendance tracking?
Five questions to ask before you start:
  • 1. How many employees in your company or organization need to be tracked? 

Do you need to track all employees? Only one location? Just a hourly worker? Most  biometric time and attendance systems have a way to track hourly employees and multiple locations. Does your company have a structure chart of company departments? This organization chart can effectively help us understand your job strengths. Are you ready to talk about roles and employee responsibilities-expectations for employee  time tracking?

HFSecurity Android 8 inch free sdk face recognition time attendance device
  • 2. What payroll service do you use?

Is it outsourced to a payroll company at home? Do you want to make changes system-wide or implement an ERP software system? Excellent attendance solution providers will be familiar with payroll processing, outsourcing processing companies and ERP software systems. Make sure to note the version of any software currently in use.

  • 3. How do your employees go to work now?

Use an old-fashioned clock? Handwritten face recognition time attendance system card? This is a great tool that allows you to consider how many physical clocks or kiosks might be needed and where in the device. Is there a problem with partner punching? The biometric clock hardware option is a very effective and popular option to prevent friends from punching in. HFSecurity Workforce Solutions can handle everything from manual punching biometric clocks to facial biometric clocks and even finger vein reading biometric devices. Mobile options are becoming more and more popular. We have an excellent time attendance application that allows you to log in, log in and log out of work, etc. through the self-service function on your phone. Are the hourly workers roaming or out of range in remote work locations? Letting them use mobile apps on their phones or tablets is a good choice.

In addition, do you need your hardware equipment to enable staff to go to work or leave work on a regular basis? HFSecurity face-to-face attendance has a two-way interface that allows you to extract work and task information from the accounting system, and then send the transaction information back to the ERP software. Understanding the granularity required by job tracking software will help us determine the complexity of the equipment that may be required for input time.
  • 4. What information do you need to capture? In addition to basic on-duty and off-duty time, overtime documentation, real-time "person" and accrued expense tracking are our highest requirements for automated time and attendance solutions. Our time and attendance solution is pre-built with a series of configurable reports. Consider the value of the information you will collect securely. Who should be included in the report training part of the implementation? Plan to implement the running report-business intelligence as part of your android time and attendance implementation. Imagine running a close overtime report or ACA report with just one click!
  • 5. How many administrators-supervisors-managers need to access the time card? Now consider your process and how it is. How many levels of approval and approval do you want on time cards? Do you have a plan for who has the ability to approve overtime and vacation requests?
HFSecurity 8 inch dynamic face recognition device
Through the list? You are only five steps away from the automatic attendance system of your dreams. Imagine being able to brag about the huge return on investment that you will get by automating business processes. The return on investment for ordinary customers starts at 34,000 every year!
Need answers to your questions? Pick up the phone and call us or email us, we will be happy to answer your specific questions. HFSecurity's team is subject matter experts in time and attendance processes. We live, breathe, eat, sleep time and attendance, clock hardware and ERP integration. We are happy to provide you with a guide on how to build a new automated attendance system.
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